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Mountaintop View 5-1-20

NCAA still screws it up, all schools can benefit, will Harris stay or go, tennis top performers, MWC Moments.

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NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

May Day! It’s gonna be May!

Even when NCAA makes the right move, they screw it up.

Andy Staples put it well when NCAA President Mark Emmert tried to make this seem like it was his idea and the latest in a series of steps his organization was taking. More accurately, it’s a decision being forced by state laws, as well as basic reality. They tried to save face, but everyone can see the truth.

All schools stand to benefit from this.

Not just the Bamas, Clemson, and Ohio States of the world? Do tell. First off, the big school already get the top recruits, so this can’t make it worse. It may level the playing field. Is someone who would be 20th best recruit at Alabama get some sponsorships? Little, if any. But if that same player becomes the best recruit at Boise State (the example used in the article) or another MWC school, they are all of a sudden able to be the potential star of the team and have whatever marketing deals they want.

Should Jalen Harris stay or go?

Chris Murray got a few NBA execs to weigh in on Nevada’s Harris and his impending decision to stay in or pull his name out of the NBA draft. One said he is probably staying in but should return to school and mature. They also discuss Boise State wing Derrick Alston, who is in the same position as Harris.

MWC Women’s Tennis All-Conference Performers.

Mountain West Moments.

On the Horizon:

  • Later today: MWCConnection Roundtable: Who are the 2021 NFL Draft Prospects?