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Mountaintop View 4-9-20

COVID-19 strikes BSU football coach, Jordan Love, and more

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 20 Frisco Bowl - Utah State v Kent State Photo by George Walker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Boise State football assistant coach Zac Alley tests positive for COVID-19

I know, I’m growing tired of COVID-related topics as well, but reality is we’ll be inundated with this topic for a long time. Boise State assistant coach Zac Alley knows all too well about the disease, having contracted it last week. Alley is feeling fine now, but his story is a cautionary tale that even fit, active 20-something year-olds can get smacked by this illness. Read above for more details.

Jordan Love’s NFL draft prospects illustrate the mystery of drafting a quarterback

One of the rare sporting events not cancelled for the foreseeable future is the NFL Draft, and Utah State’s Jordan Love is one of the draft’s most polarizing prospects. He shows flashes of greatness, but the inconsistency (or consistency when it came to interceptions) he showed in 2019 continues to puzzle NFL teams. Read above to see why grading these prospects is difficult.

Air Force sports notebook: Athletic director Nathan Pine gives updates, swimmer appears on ‘SportsCenter’

Air Force’s Athletic Director provided some updates on the overall state of the things for Falcons sports. From the hiring of Joe Scott to other details, read on to see how programs like Air Force are navigating this difficult times.

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