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Spartan @Josh12Love signs with LA Rams

UDFA contract opens the door for the improbable

Vic Aquino | Bay Area News Group

For aspiring athletes, the story of Josh Love’s quarterback life is not for the faint-of-heart. His is a slow-moving story that defies flash and instant gratification. It’s a hard-working, blue-collar story that’s continuing on.

The people who know him, appreciate him and respect him certainly aren’t surprised by the NFL opportunity. And it’s probably safe to say too that some in the LA Ram’s organization appreciate the potential and want to see the dark-horse story continue as well.

But the quarterback competition with the Rams will be a very steep, uphill battle. Behind fourth-year Ram QB Jared Goff, Bryce Perkins from Virginia is very impressive and John Wolford has some NFL & XFL experience, which puts Love as the underdog…again.

Love’s high school career mimicked his San Jose State trajectory, where senior year performances at each school were highly successful, but the challenges to build a longer and stronger body of work were always stifled. The given situations or “more notable” players were either outshining or limiting the modest Love.

His toughness and mental strength are already on a professional level. Seeing him literally get beat up on the field and still command and lead the position well; dealing with off-field challenges that most people can’t or won’t deal with; getting ZERO scholarships all scream character and confidence - deep intangibles a real quarterback needs.

After at least eight years of these challenges most of us only get in a lifetime - mentally, Love has “it.” It’s going to be the amalgamation with his physical performance that will give him a chance to make it. And even then, the situation and environment has to be right.

Regardless, those in Long Beach and San Jose who know him are filing all those Josh Love memories for the next chapter on the big stage.