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Titans Draft Hawaii QB Cole McDonald with 224th pick in NFL Draft

Cole had to be patient, but his name was called on Saturday

SoFi Hawai’i Bowl - Hawaii v BYU Photo by Darryl Oumi/Getty Images

Saturday of the NFL Draft is often the most agonizing day of the draft weekend for prospects who remained unselected going into the day. Rounds 4-7 occur on Saturday, and can last beyond six hours. Cole McDonald’s agent was probably cogitating the possibilities should Cole be undrafted, but those concerns are no more. Cole McDonald was selected by the Tennessee Titans in the 7th round with the 224th overall pick. He’ll be developed behind the likes of Ryan Tannehill. 7th round picks aren’t huge investments by NFL clubs, and McDonald will have to fight for a roster spot, but McDonald developing in this situation isn’t inconceivable. He has a decent chance to make this team, and maybe more down the line.

Congratulations and best wishes to Cole, one of the greatest Hawaii Rainbow Warriors ever.