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Keith Ismael’s New Destination Is Washington

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The center from the Aztecs is headed to play for the Redksins

NCAA Football: San Diego State at Arizona State Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The mammoth center, Keith Ismael is off to a different part of the country, Washington D.C. Ismael’s projected draft pick was close to where he actually got drafted. He finally got picked with the eleventh pick in the fifth round, resulting in 156.

It is looking like Ismael is going to see the field pretty quickly. Earlier today, the Redskins traded away offensive tackle, Trent Williams. Even though, Ismael isn’t listed as an OT, he is a versatile player, and could wind up in that position for Washington. With the young Dwayne Haskins behind center, Washington is going to need to rely heavily on the 309 pound beast to maximize his time in the pocket.

Expect to hear his name for several years to come!