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Packers Love Love

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Green Bay traded up to select the former Aggie QB.

NCAA Football: Utah State at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL draft got underway last night and although it took almost the entire night, a Mountain West player finally got selected. In fact, he was the only Group of 5 player taken in the first round. It will be an interesting side story to see if that was a fluke or a sign of things to come in this odd pre-draft process.

Former Utah State quarterback Jordan Love was widely thought to be going to New Orleans to study under Drew Brees at pick #24, but they went in a different direction. Then all of a sudden, it was announced the Green Bay Packers were trading up and the rumor mill was in full swing.

Then the pick came in...

It was the surprise of the night to be sure, as Green Bay was thought to be looking at a wide receiver or offensive tackle for their first round pick. They also have a history of trading back rather than trading up.

Green Bay gave their #30 selection and also their 4th round pick to grab Love. He instantly becomes the heir apparent to Aaron Rodgers.

On Jordan’s side of things, he instantly enters an ideal scenario. He gets to learn and develop behind one of the all-time greats at the position. He won’t be thrown to the lions (or Lions) and will be able to develop at his own pace, as he is far from a finished product. Plus, he will become one of the potential cornerstones of their new wave that already includes Jaire Alexander, Kenny Clark, and Darnell Savage.

Love was the first MWC selection but he won’t be the last. Expect for Ezra Cleveland, Logan Wilson, and Curtis Weaver to hear their names called today when the draft resumes.