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Mountaintop View 4-23-20

Draft Day...and other things sports related stuff!

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BYU v Utah State Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images

The Salt Lake Tribune’s NFL Mock Draft: Utah’s Jaylon Johnson and USU’s Jordan Love go to ...

It’s draft day! Something sports related is actually happening today. I bet you thought you wouldn’t have to read another mock draft, but you’d be wrong! It’s a big day for Mountain West football talents Jordan Love and Ezra Cleveland, the two MWC players likeliest to be selected in the first round of the NFL Draft. Names like Logan Wilson and Curtis Weaver are likely to be selected on day 2. In this mock draft, the Colts trade up to nab Love.

Ezra Cleveland, in name, talent and trade-down options, might fit the Cleveland Browns in the 2020 NFL Draft

Read this profile on the other MW player likeliest to be selected in the first round today. Could you imagine Ezra Cleveland playing for Cleveland? The former Boise State Bronco is a target for the late first round, but could slip into the second round.

Boise State coaches included in school furloughs as coronavirus-related losses mount

About Boise State. The break is over, back to COVID-19 related articles. This one was a shocker, and unlikely the last of its kind, with Boise State’s football coaches, among other coaches, being included in a university-wide furloughs. Scary questions are facing college athletics if this pandemic persists.

Conversation With Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson

Catching up with Cole McDonald

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