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2020 NFL Draft Over/Unders

Let’s look what Sports Betting Dime has to say.

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

A few times a year, our friends over at Sports Betting Dime send over some odds to feature on the site. This is one of those times.

For those of you who enjoy looking at the odds or even making your own wagers, this post is for you. Wondering what the odds are on where your favorite Mountain West players get drafted this week? Look no further.

Player bets:

QB Jordan Love (Utah State): 21.5

OL Ezra Cleveland (Boise State): 43.5

EDGE Curtis Weaver (Boise State): 57

OL Netane Muti Fresno State: 84.5

LB Logan Wilson (Wyoming): 112.5

WR John Hightower (Boise State): 152

OL Keith Ismael (SDSU): 160.5

LB David Woodward (Utah State): 209.5

QB Cole McDonald (Hawaii): 248.5

Other bets:

Boise State: 1.5 O/U (Round 1 & 2 Total Picks)

Odds to Fall the Most Among Projected Round 1 & 2 Picks

EDGE Curtis Weaver (Boise State): 13/1

From their mock 1st round:

20. Jacksonville Jaguars: QB Jordan Love (Utah State)

Again, thanks to for sharing this content with us!