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MWC Teams as DC Heroes

We did Marvel, now let’s switch to DC.

Yeah yeah, I know everyone loves Marvel and people barely know DC and their ill-fated attempt at a movie universe didn’t help anything. Still, these are trying times so check out what we compiled below.

Air Force is Cyborg

Cyborg is half-man and half-machine following a series accident. Due to his outward appearance, he can’t really hide his identify. Similarly, when Air Force’s offense is working how it’s supposed to, it runs like a well-oiled machine. Also, they don’t attempt to hide their offense, you know what’s coming and they dare you to try to stop it.

Boise State is Green Lantern

The Ryan Reynolds movie flop aside, Green Lantern is one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC universe. He can create almost anything with his power ring, as strong as his creativity allows him to be. Only downsides, the has to recharge every 24 hours and in some variations, it can’t work against the color yellow. Boise State’s offense has been on the cutting edge of creativity for multiple decades now, but they can sometimes play too conservative and it leads to games being closer than they should be. They are an immensely powerful team, although they are known to trip up here and there when least expected.

Colorado State is Elongated Man

Or Plastic Man if you really prefer. Yes, two superheroes with two different names who have the exact same abilities, stretching their bodies so they can cover great distances with their arms, legs, or torsos (and that’s not even counting Marvel’s Mr. Fantastic). It’s a niche super ability but a useful one as well.

Also, it reminds me of this line from an episode of Justice League Unlimited, at about the :10 second mark.

The Rams have some positives going for them. They have had some competitive teams, and recently have had quite a few years of solid recruiting and productive offenses. They also produce NFL caliber WRs as well as anyone in the conference. But they seem to have stretched themselves too thin, but in terms of finances and trying to be bigger than they are, or at least until on the field wins catch up to them.

Fresno State is Firestorm

Fresno State has had some up and down seasons the past few years. They are also on their third head coach in about five years. They are a team who hasn’t been able to be stabilized and find sustained consistency. The superhero Firestorm is an interesting one, as he is comprised of two human beings as the result of a nuclear accident. Due to this, there is some tension and inconsistency with who is in control of what that is trying to be balanced in order for them to be successful.

Hawaii is Martian Manhunter

J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter is an interesting superhero. The last Martian has arguably the strongest powers in the Justice League (strength, regeneration, shape shifting, telepathy), but they often aren’t on full display as he is often the dispatch and communication person in the Watchtower. Hawaii is certainly off the grid as well being so far away from every other school, and they can fly under the radar or a be a bit more unassuming because of it. They have utilized a unique and dynamic offense to much success and put up victories over the MWC and PAC12 alike this season.

Nevada is Terry McGinnis Batman

The successor to the Bruce Wayne Batman in Batman Beyond. He’s younger, less experienced, and more immature, but is strong and athletic. On the football side of things, Nevada has gone through some different renditions since the Ault regime and has started to find some success under Norvell. They run some unique schemes with the Air Raid on offense and a 3-3-5 defense. They aren’t quite what people are hoping for record wise, but they get the job done more often than not.

New Mexico is Robin/Nightwing

The Lobos are a program in a transition. For the past few years, they’ve been in the conference cellar, regulated to also-ran status from the get go. But now they hope to be relevant. That sounds a bit like Robin, the eternal sidekick to Batman and forced to ride in the sidecar on the bat-cycle. Some of you know that Robin eventually ventured off on his own and became Nightwing. New Mexico is hoping they turn the corner as well.

San Diego State is Flash

Going for the obvious here. Both are built to run. Early and often. The Aztecs produce star running back after star running back. The Flash is the fastest man alive. He would be a really great recruiting get for SDSU.

San Jose State is Aquaman

They are both around water. They both aren’t seen as the mightiest or strongest of the group. Still, when they are in their element, they do pretty well.

UNLV is Shazam

The Rebels have been trying to play catchup the past few seasons to be taken seriously and get on par with top Group of 5 programs. They have the location, the amenities, and look to have the coach, but now need the wins. Similarly, Billy Batson is a child who has immense powers when he becomes Shazam. He wants to be taken seriously and has a strong argument to with his powers, but still isn’t completely there as his childlike thinking can get in the way at times.

Utah State is Hawkman

Hawkman can get a bad rap sometime. He can obviously fly, he has enhanced strength and eyesight as well as healing powers. Those are all pretty cool. The issue is, other superheroes can fly and be strong and perhaps to an even greater degree than him. Likewise, Utah State is a good football program. However, other programs are better. Every once in awhile they can soar high and have a great season.

Wyoming is Green Arrow.

The Green Arrow is a personal favorite of mine, especially after meeting Stephan Amell at a baseball game a few years ago. With no powers, he still gets the job done thanks to tactics, accurate archery, and leading a strong team. Sound like the Cowboys at all? Bohl leads his program to success based on strong player development, a formula of running the ball and a strong defense, and getting players to buy into the culture.