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Mountain West Teams as Marvel Superheroes

This week we are headed to the Marvel universe

Arizona v Arizona State Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

This week, we are continuing our series comparing Mountain West teams to different parts of the movie industry. This week, we are dipping into the most popular movies out there: Marvel. Let’s see which Marvel superhero your team identifies with.

Air Force

Iron Man

Iron Man doesn’t have any superpowers, but he does show lots of commitment to his craft. They show a lot of commitment to the triple option, and they run the ball as well as anyone in the country.

Boise State

Winter Soldier

When Mike suggested this, I thought it was a bit odd, but I see it now. Boise State is the Winter Soldier. Some people look at the Winter Soldier as a hero; they want to help him succeed and know that there is good in there, while the other half views the Winter Soldier as a villain and wants to destroy them.

Colorado State


Cyclops is smart and has all of the potential in the world. His peers respect him, but don’t always view him as the leader that he thinks he is. Once Wolverine comes around, we know who the real leader is. This describes Colorado State and the current state of their football program, but who knows? Maybe Coach Addazio can help them find their inner leader.

Fresno State


Sometimes Fresno State is like Thor at the end of “Ragnarok,” and sometimes they are like Thor when he puts on the weight and is living in Scandinavia. Thor is one of the most respected super heroes, and the Avengers cannot survive without his help. But sometimes Thor loses his way and needs some time to rediscover who he truly is. This describes the Fresno State football team after a disappointing 2019 season.


Guardians of the Galaxy

They are the coolest team of superheroes out there and arguably the most fun to watch. While they are great heroes, it is hard to see them earning the respect of the biggest super heroes like Captain America and Iron Man. They will have their moments (see 2019), but they will have a hard time reaching the top of the Mountain (pun intended).


Black Widow

One of the most underrated heroes in the Marvel universe. Black Widow is one of the most talented and smartest heroes. Black Widow is valuable to the team, but could they survive without her? Probably.

New Mexico

Ant Man

Ant Man keeps going back and forth between growing and shrinking, wondering if anyone will truly notice and oftentimes getting stepped on. Unfortunately for New Mexico and its fans, the team has been spending more time in its shrunken form lately.

San Diego State


Hulk is the strongest of all the heroes. Hulk is unstoppable when he can harness his powers, but he does not spend enough time in that role to be considered the top hero. If Hulk can ever harness his super powers, he might be unstoppable. The same can be said for San Diego State if they can ever find a good quarterback.

San Jose State


Hawkeye is better than the average human being and shows flashes of amazing power, but there isn’t really anything that stands out about him or makes him special around the other heroes. This is is a good way to describe the current state of San Jose State football; they show flashes, but it really isn’t anything special.



Often considered the “coolest” hero, Deadpool shows true heart and determination when he is going against his truest rivals just like UNLV does when they are going up against Nevada. But Deadpool lacks self control and would be a great fit in Sin City. They also have their colors in common.

Utah State

Spider Man

Spider Man is young and full of energy. He has amazing super powers and is always ready to save anyone, but Spider Man’s immaturity and lack of self-control sometimes get him into trouble. Spider Man shows flashes of leadership, but he will always need another hero to mentor him. The same can be said for Utah State. They are fun to watch, but oftentimes lack the discipline of true champions.



Stubborn and gritty with amazing strength and tenacity. That is how I would describe Wolverine, and that is how I would describe Wyoming football under Coach Bohl. Wolverine also loves to get under the skin of Cyclops, which is the perfect way to describe the current state of the Wyoming-Colorado State rivalry.

Be sure to stay tuned. We will be continuing this series throughout the offseason.