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Back From the Dead: Boise State Baseball Returns

Afters 40 years on the shelf, baseball is back at Boise State

COLLEGE BASEBALL: FEB 23 Boise State at Texas Photo by John Rivera/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

When it was announced that Boise State baseball would be returning, the announcement was met with excitement and skepticism. For me, I was elated. As a kid, baseball was my first love. I dreamed of being a big league pitcher and still am an avid Boston Red Sox fan. As I grew older, baseball was replaced by basketball, but the sport has always had a special spot in my heart. So, when Boise State announced it would have a baseball team, I vowed to support the program, and I was there for the first home game since 1980.

As a Boise State alum and baseball fan, I had February 28th circled on my calendar for quite some time. Last week, I bought tickets on For $30 I was able to take my dad, father-in-law, and three kids to the game. While Memorial Stadium is uncomfortable and in need of renovations, the game was still a memorable experience for my children and I. We were able to enjoy a 60 degree day and a well played baseball game. While my kids and I have attended many football and basketball games, I was not sure how they would respond to a baseball game where the pace of play is much different.

While the game and the atmosphere was enjoyable, there were some issues that need to be ironed out before the Broncos enter their own stadium in 2022. I think the administration was a bit surprised at the crowd Friday night; it was near sellout. They did not have enough concession stands open, and my kids waited in line for three innings before they got their items. The restrooms in Memorial Stadium are also very small, and lines were occasionally excessive. But, the experience was still memorable, and I hope the program can build on this early momentum.

It is early, but the baseball team has exceeded my expectations to this point. They were competitive with Texas for the majority of the first three-game series and swept Northern Colorado in their first home series. The Mountain West has strong baseball programs, but I think the Broncos have the pitching to give some teams a run for their money. Will they be contending for conference championships anytime soon? No. But I do think that Boise State has the tools and resources (i.e. new stadium coming in 2022) to be competitive in the conference.

So if you are in Boise, get out and support the Boise State baseball team. The success of this program will be measured by more than just wins and losses, but also by the engagement of fans and students. Plus, you can attend the game for less than it costs to go to a movie.