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2020 NFL Combine Stock Report

Which NFL hopefuls raised or lowered their draft stock?

NFL Combine - Day 3 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The NFL Combine is the best showcase for all NFL hopefuls. Players train for months in preparation for this event and hope they can do well enough to jump on the radar of a few teams come draft day. Read below to see if the 12 Mountain West representatives were able to have a good or poor showing at the combine.

WR John Hightower (Boise State)

  • Summary: His speed is his carrying skill and he made it count with his 40 time. Scouts are still divided on him, ranging anywhere from third round to day three. Overall, he had a good showing though.
  • Stock Report: EVEN

OL Ezra Cleveland (Boise State)

  • Summary: Cleveland had one of the better showings of the entire week. He was elite in the shuttle drills and bench and likely cemented his status as a first-rounder.
  • Stock Report: WAY UP

OL John Molchon (Boise State)

  • Summary: He had a pretty strong showing at the combine and his strengths and limitations were on display for all to see. He has solid technique and has good size, but isn’t the most athletic. Still, he’s firmly on the radar for guard depth.
  • Stock Report: EVEN

DE Curtis Weaver (Boise State)

  • Summary: Weaver impressed with his numbers, where there were some whispers beforehand that he would struggle in that phase of the combine. He didn’t run the 40, but everything else he did was mission accomplished.
  • Stock Report: UP

OL Netane Muti (Fresno State)

  • Summary: Muti put up the 4th most reps on the bench EVER in the combine. That is no small feat. He is still seen as one of the top interior lineman in this draft but by not participating in the drills this weekend, he wasn’t able to solidify it yet.
  • Stock Report: EVEN

LB Mykal Walker (Fresno State)

  • Summary: Walker had a great showing and got on the radar of quite a few teams. His versatility and open field tackling ability seem to be his carrying traits at this time.
  • Stock Report: UP

QB Cole McDonald (Hawaii)

  • Summary: He showed a fantastic 40 time and was one of the top QBs in all the drills. He didn’t stand out as much in passing drills but scouts seem to like him as a late round flier.
  • Stock Report: EVEN

OL Keith Ismael (San Diego State)

  • Summary: Ismael is getting some positive press as a versatile player with great technique. However, he gets knocked for lack of ideal size. Still, he’s being viewed as a solid mid-round option for an interior lineman.
  • Stock Report: SLIGHTLY UP

QB Jordan Love (Utah State)

  • Summary: It sounds like Love solidified himself as the third best quarterback and potentially a top-ten selection. Scouts love his running ability and arm strength, but the negative buzz is definitely the interceptions.
  • Stock Report: UP

LB David Woodward (Utah State)

  • Summary: He posted fine and even good numbers, but he wasn’t able to be elite in any area. It seems like this and some limited athleticism put him down some draft boards. On the other hand, he is clearly someone who just produces on the field despite all of this.
  • Stock Report: DOWN

LB Tipa Galeai (Utah State)

  • Summary: Galeai didn’t run the 40 and wasn’t able to make an impression in any one area. He still has his pro day of course but will have some ground to make up.
  • Stock Report: DOWN

LB Logan Wilson (Wyoming)

  • Summary: Wilson combined good numbers and looked solid in coverage drills, which has been a question talented evaluators wanted to see answered. He’s checking off the boxes.
  • Stock Report: UP

Your turn: Do you agree or disagree with our assessments? What are your thoughts on each of these players? Share your comments below.