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Mountain West Teams as Disney Heroes

Last week we looked at the evil; this week we focus on the good.

Cheez-It Bowl - Air Force v Washington State Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

As we continue to navigate through this difficult time, I am hoping that this article lifts your spirits and gives you a good laugh. Last week we looked at each Mountain West team as a Disney villain; this week will take the opposite approach and look at each team as a hero.

Boise State is Hercules

I went with Hades last week and wanted to get more creative with my Boise State pick this week, but I feel like the story of Hercules sums up Boise State’s journey to becoming a national name. Hercules started out as a humble mortal with a big heart; once he learned of his great strength and his true origins, he wanted to become a hero. Hercules has his issues and makes mistakes from time to time, but he is the strongest of all heroes.

Boise State started from humble origins; they grew up to be the most well known football program in the Group of Five. People come from all over (television ratings) to watch them defeat their enemy. Hercules is Boise State, no doubt about it.

Air Force is Buzz Lightyear

“To infinity and beyond!” The Air Force Falcons always look to do the right thing and protect their people. Air Force is one of the most recognizable football programs in the Mountain West, just like Buzz Lightyear is one of the most well known heroes in the Disney universe. Air Force Football, acting with honor on and off the field.

Colorado State is Beast

It is a tale as old as time. The magical beast has the strength to be great, but heartache has made him weak. Who knows, maybe Steve Addazio can be Colorado State’s Belle and help them return to their regal form, but I am skeptical. I think this Beast will be staying in his hairy, under-performing form for the time being.

New Mexico is Olaf

Who doesn’t love Olaf? He is a reliable sidekick that always has a smile on his face. But the truth is, he just isn’t a leader. Olaf needs structure and the people ahead of him. Would Olaf survive without Anna and Elsa? No, he wouldn’t. Olaf is the past of Anna and Elsa recreated, just like New Mexico still lives in their past success as a former basketball powerhouse.

Wyoming is Sheriff Woody

For some reason, I can just see Craig Bohl walking around and telling people, “You’re my favorite deputy!” When we think about the Old West, we think about Wyoming...and their mascot is the Cowboys. But that is not where the comparisons end; Woody is a great sheriff, but he doesn’t reach his full potential until he learns how to work well with Buzz Lightyear. Wyoming is currently the Sheriff Woody who hasn’t quite reached full leadership status and must earn the trust of his peers. With a manageable schedule and many returning starters, will the Cowboys finally reach the pinnacle?

Utah State is the Genie

When I think of the Genie, I think of a hero that has unlimited potential and is capable of amazing feats but is ultimately handcuffed to his master (Boise State) and the current coaching staff. We all know that eventually the Genie gains his freedom, but the Aggies still have quite a few wishes to grant and I don’t think they are close to finding a master that will allow them to be free.

Fresno State is Simba

Imagine the Lion King as a time machine. Simba keeps going back and forth from his young days as a selfish cub and quickly fast forwards to being the king of the jungle. That is Fresno State in a nutshell. A program in the heart of great high school football who occasionally strikes gold (see 2018). But ultimately, you know they will fall back into oblivion before appearing again a few seasons later. Can new head coach Kalen DeBoer be the Nala to his football team’s Simba and help the young lion reach his full potential?

San Diego State is Mr. Incredible

Pure strength with an old school approach. San Diego State football embodies everything that Mr. Incredible stands for. It is rarely pretty, but it is almost always effective. There are still plenty of questions that Mr. Incredible needs to answer though. Is he the leader or his wife, Elastigirl, in charge? Mr. Incredible does not get the style points (see their offense) that other heroes get, but he almost always gets the job done.

San Jose State is Robin Hood

Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. When we think of Robin Hood, that is usually the phrase that comes to mind. Since joining the Mountain West, what has San Jose State brought to the conference? Their football and basketball programs have been among the worst in all of Division I. Will Robin Hood continue to get away with stealing from the wealthier programs of the Mountain West? Or will their transgressions ultimately lead to their downfall?

UNLV is Peter Pan

“We can fly!” I can imagine UNLV and their coaching staff going around the locker room singing that song after the success of their most recent recruiting class. They are living in a fantasy where the promise of a new football stadium and coaching staff will lead to success on the football field. But ultimately, they look at their upcoming schedule and realize that they are back to reality and likely an 0-6 start to a difficult season. Maybe the Rebels will learn how to fly, but they aren’t there quite yet.

Nevada is Mickey Mouse

The Wolf Pack, always a recognizable face, but are they truly a hero? Mickey Mouse has shown to be a capable leader, but he will never be considered a superhero. Nevada has been stuck in mediocrity since the departure of Colin Kaepernick. Coach Jay Norvell was recently rewarded with a contract extension. Nevada administration seems okay with that. Will they continue to be the Mickey Mouse of the Mountain West, or will they become a true hero.

Hawaii is Quasimodo

Quasimodo is one of the more underrated heroes in Disney Movies. He limits himself because of his outside appearance, but ultimately someone comes along and helps him reach his full potential (Coach Rolovich). With Rolovich departed, will Quasimodo return to his unassuming form, or will he continue to show the heart of a lion?

What changes would you guys make to the characters for each team? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.