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Opinion: No Matter What, San Diego State Should be a One Seed

The Selection Committee Needs To Get This Right

Colorado State v San Diego State Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Let us be realistic; outside of Gonzaga, the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee for all intents and purposes despises mid-major teams. Every year there is an inordinate amount of bubble Power Five teams that make it in over mid-major teams that have a better resume. This season will probably be no exception. For once, though, the Selection Committee should put their mid-major beliefs aside and deliver on what they claim to do; reward a body of work.

San Diego State deserves a number one seed, regardless of what takes place in Las Vegas later this week. Even if they were to lose sometime during the MWC Tournament, their resume is good enough to stay at the one line no matter what.

Sitting where we are today and looking back at the teams that the Aztecs have beaten, to where they are today, shows that the resume is chock full of huge wins that hardly any other one seed contender has.

Certainly, I’m not saying that San Diego State has a better resume than Kansas, and perhaps Baylor, but to even consider Gonzaga at the one line is a slap in the face to the Aztecs.

The Bulldogs’ best win to date is over Oregon, who sits at #13 right now. The Bulldogs defeated Washington when they were ranked, but now the Huskies are under .500. They beat Arizona, who is now unranked. North Carolina, which is having their worst season in a generation. That leaves BYU, a solid team that sits on the bubble at 24-7 and #15 in the country. That 15 is only because of the win over Gonzaga. I haven’t even gotten to the part that they have been run off the floor in both of their losses this season.

San Diego State has wins over Iowa, who is #18 in the country; Creighton, who is #11, and the Aztecs crushed them; oh, and beat that BYU team that defeated Gonzaga. They also swept bubble teams Utah State and Nevada.

The Dayton Flyers are under consideration? Come on, the two biggest games they’ve had this season they lost (Kansas and Colorado). They do have some impressive wins over some bubble teams themselves, but not good enough for a one seed.

Maybe Florida State? They do have some good wins over Louisville and Virginia. But come on, they just lost to a Clemson team that the Aztecs would mop the floor with.

If the Selection Committee really does use body of work over prestige and name, then there is no reason that the Aztecs shouldn’t be a number one seed come Tournament time. And it should stay that way no matter what occurs during the MWC Tournament in Las Vegas this week.