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Mountain West Conference suspends all spring sports due to coronavirus

San Diego State Athletic Department

The Mountain West Conference will be suspending all spring competitions due to the outbreaks of COVID-19 (coronavirus), the Mountain West board of directors announced Thursday.

“Given the current status of COVID-19, the Mountain West Board of Directors has suspended all spring sport competitions indefinitely,” the release said. The health and well-being of student-athletes, as well as the campus and general communities, is of utmost priority. Therefore, the Board has determined the most prudent course of action is to align with the recommendations of public health care and government officials to help limit the spread of the virus.”

“Those teams that have qualified for an NCAA Championship event may participate at institutional discretion, subject to the status of those events as determined by the NCAA. Decisions regarding prospective student-athlete recruitment shall be made at institutional discretion on a case-by-case basis. The status of sport programs which compete in other conferences shall be determined by the respective institutions and those conferences.”

Teams who are currently on the road may continue their competition, but are expected to return to their campuses immediately after. The teams who have not left yet are told to suspend travel immediately.

Decisions with regard to the continuation of local practice activities in various sports will depend on local conditions.