Boise State - - BYU in common

I will hand it to BYU, they didn't threaten a move, they just left the MWC but for different reasons. But today we're seeing signs that BYU wants to reaffiliate schedules with MWC schools.

Boise on the other hand, they've never had money per say till arriving to the MWC after bolting from a failing WAC. They accepted without preconditions, they bolted the MWC afterwards, then played "liars poker" with the MWC to keep their Bowl proceeds for reentry and the MWC not only blinked but believed Boise was needed.

On the other hand, Boise seems to want to go from "liar's poker" to "texas hold em' for money poker" when Boise hasn't shown the Conference only wins with a loss or two. I've watched this since Boise came back to see Boise not only not going undefeated but, taking their turns as Conference Champs.

Boise is now trying to play the BYU-card that its all Commissioner Thompson's fault for their money. But instead of leaving, Boise doesn't have the money sources guaranteed to succeed in order to depart. Don't get me wrong, it would make sense for Boise to be a MWC school as vs elsewhere.

I've been a former WAC fan that turned MWC fan when the MWC was conceived, as I still am today. And partial to most of the remaining MWC schools left today. This Conference was designed with the structure of "all for one and one for all" as the future of this Conference.

As previously mentioned about card games, when you're sitting at a poker table you don't show your cards nor how you play, you just fold and move on to the next deal. Boise has already shown they would easily abandon the MWC but unlike BYU, Boise's not confident of that kind of future for Boise.

However, this time around the "duel aces in the pot" brings higher stakes knowing that the MWC could also have the other two aces. And since Boise has not exposed their legal claim to their continued separate negotiations. One should surmise through Commissioner Thompson the only thing Boise has left is to bluff like they did during their reentry after the Big East bust.

Expanding the Conference would not make sense should Boise decide to leave in five years when that decision has to be made. The MWC needs to see how the NCAA has ruled for any future Conference realignments and arrangements. Then make those decisions if a decision is necessary.

In the meantime, I have the feeling SDSU, Wyoming, perhaps AFA and others will begin there climb to Conference prominence. I also believe that there are other schools poised to make noise for national attention. The Conference has been lacking money/finances in order to do just that.

We can not allow one school to continue draining the MWC just cause they believe they're worth it. But make a decision as a whole, where does the Conference want to be in the future? I'm not suggesting anything but, don't be surprised if BYU begins talks with the MWC in the near future for BYU's future.

Go ahead, tell me how wrong I am and why I'm wrong.