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2020 Recruiting Breakdown: Fresno State

A small class built locally

NCAA Football: Fresno State at San Diego State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the eleventh post in our twelve-part recruiting breakdown series. Today looks at the #11 team in our rankings, Fresno State.

The Bulldogs have one of the smallest classes in the conference, but it is not without talent. They did some nice work at the offensive skill spots as well as the offensive line. Like usual, their class is built locally. Every player listed here is from in-state California. Also like usual, they are missing some star power in their recruiting class. Although the top of their class may not be that high, the bottom of their class isn’t that low. To learn more about it, read below.

The Skinny:

  • 14 recruits signed
  • 8 offensive, 5 defensive, 1 athlete
  • 13 players listed at 3-stars by one of the major recruiting sites.
  • Breakdown by state: 14 California
  • 121st in the 247 Composite Rankings

The Players:

QB Logan Fife

Logan comes into this class as their quarterback, after losing their long-time commit at the position. He is poised in the pocket and seems to have command of the offense. Fife appears extremely accurate on film and is capable of making all throws asked of him. He has a quick release and does a good job throwing on the run. Logan is still in need of development but it’s clear he can start at the college level.

RB Malik Sherrod

Malik is a small shifty running back in this class. He has big-play capability every time he touches the ball and reaches top speed pretty much as soon as he comes out of the trenches. Sherrod takes good angles to turn on the corner getting to the sideline and sees the field well. He has good hands and would thrive in screen and jet-sweep type of packages. Malik is the type of player who can get on the field for a few plays next year and see his role grow each season.

WR Mac Dalena

Mac is a great looking receiver in this class. He runs smooth routes and is at his best making plays in the middle of the field. Dalena has great hands and displays great in-game running ability. He is the type of player who can stretch an average gain into a big play. Mac will give the Bulldogs a different look at the receiver position.

TE Matt Lowe

Matt is a big target at the tight end position. He is a great route-runner who is able to get open on short routes as well as down the sideline or in the endzone. Lowe has a huge catch-radius and long arms which allow him to make difficult catches. He slips past defenders and once he does that, it’s near-impossible to prevent him from making a catch. Matt will end up a solid receiving threat for future offenses.

JUCO TE Rory Hanson

Rory is a JUCO player coming in hoping to make an instant impact. He is a willing blocker who gets in the mix during run plays and is mobile enough to get out in front of a play outside the tackles. Hanson is dynamic as a receiver, making plays down the sideline and and is able to catch on the run. He covers ground in a hurry and is an extremely tough matchup given his height and speed. Rory should be able to step into an on the field role right away.

OL Joseph Church

Joseph is one of the better OL recruits in the conference. He has great size and is very mobile to boot. Church is a mauler as a run-blocker and is fluid going backward into pass-protection. He is agile in his footwork picking up rushers and stays low as much as possible. Joseph looks like a solid future left tackle.

OL Julian Polendo

Julian is another one of the better MWC offensive line recruits. He is dominant at the line of scrimmage, pushing back defenders with ease and in some cases running straight over them. Polendo is skilled at locking on to defenders and making sure they are too close to get around him. He moves pretty well considering his size and that bodes well for him in the run game as well. Julian should be a fixture at a guard spot during his college career.

OL Mose Vavao

Mose is the third OL member of this class. He is a physical presence who is versatile to lineup all across the line. Vavao initiates contact at the point of attack and his impressive strength is his lead trait. He moves pretty well going side to side and that helps him out in pass protection. Mose could fit in at either guard or tackle at the next level.

JUCO DL Da’Marcus Johnson

Da’Marcus is coming to Fresno by way of the junior college circuit. He is quick off the line and has an array of pass-rushing moves which are on full display in his tape. Johnson is patient and disciplined in run-defense, staying home and sticking to his assignment rather than trying to make a flashy play. He does a tremendous job staying low and crouched, then explodes into a tackle. Da’Marcus would be expected to be in the DE rotation next fall for the Bulldogs.

LB Tyler Mello

Tyler is a very athletic linebacker who makes an impact all over the field. He flies all over the field with his speed and puts max force into all of his tackles. Mello excels when blitzing, as his speed and length let him cover ground in a hurry and he is making the sack before the quarterback has time to react. He does a great job loading up and squaring up on tackles, delivering hard hits. Tyler could push for playing time right away in some role.

DB Kamron Forest

Kamron is an intriguing defense back in this class. He plays tight, physical coverage and disrupts routes at the line of scrimmage. Forest mirrors routes and footwork well and he is skilled at getting his hands up to make a play on the ball. He is in position to make a play nearly every time and does a great job turning his head to find the ball at the last second. Kamron will keep developing at the next level and it will be interesting to see what he turns into.

DB CJ Jones

CJ brings a lot of athleticism to the cornerback position. He has impressive leaping ability on the run, which helps negate any height advantage receivers may have. Jones is also dynamic in the return game and is a big-play threat with the ball in his hands. He is fast on the field, which helps him to overcome mistakes and also close in on the play effectively. CJ will become a strong player in the secondary down the line.

DB Dupree Williams

Dupree is a two-way player coming into this class as a defensive back. The first thing that jumps out on film is his blazing speed. Williams gets up and down the field in very little time, and skillfully beats the receiver to the spot of the throw or is able to out jump them to make a play. He is also a physical tackler and isn’t afraid to lay a big hit in the open field. Dupree has all the talent and if he keeps developing will be a key secondary player.

ATH Kosi Agina

Kosi is an intriguing athlete in this class who played running back and cornerback in high school. On offense, he has great vision and changes directions on cuts naturally. Agina can get the ball out of the backfield in a variety of ways and looks great as a wide receiver. He has easy game speed that doesn’t stand out on it’s own, but he also out-runs everyone on the field. Kosi projects best on offense in a hybrid type of role.

Quick Hits:


Mike: Church, Polendo, Hanson

Talented enough to play right away:

Mike: Church, Polendo, Hanson, Forest

Sleeper Recruit:

Mike: Mello

Best unit:

Mike: Offensive Line


There it is for the Bulldogs. It should be noted their staff under Tedford excelled in player development. With many from that staff staying on, chances are pretty good that players out perform their recruiting rankings. Due to this, this class likely can’t be fully tested for a few years. However, a few of these players are good bets to silence the doubters and round into key players for future Bulldog teams.

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