"love to play game" to "love of pay to play"

Seems like our lives these days are consumed by the division that politics brings to US Citizens everyday lives. Its unfortunate when politicians try to use the masses to do their dirty work ridding America of its Electoral Decision. To the point that a coup d'état had been attempted through military personnel in an Impeachment trial that went nowhere. Now we have a Governor from California that seems to be forcing his desire on the cleanliness of NCAA sports, effecting other States.
Gavin Newsom, Governor of California and the California politicians have seemed to screwed up their State so badly that many in working class Californians are becoming homeless. Joining drug addicts and drunks by their ill fated by poor governing that has created a third class inconsequential society that has hurt US Citizens employed by California businesses within the confines of California's boundaries. But now, except for the athletes that gladly receive bountiful income, pains no one wants.
I'm getting to a point, so I hope you bare with me on this nauseating and crippling effect California has caused with other States. Its the mindset that creates such a ripple effect through the homeless inconsequential working class that still can't afford housing in California. As mentioned, from those that choose drugs and alcohol for their life's demise, what is for certain, the same arrogant political mindset is now effecting NCAA sports.

When it was announced that California would allow by "law" that Colleges and Universities are forced to allow once amateur athletics be paid professionally. It shocked the sportsworld and those effected by it. Many on these boards voiced nervous support while others confused. As now we're seeing the NCAA either bow-down or kow-tow to California and other States following suit.
So there you have it, the NCAA was not only blind sided by this political interference, but coaches will be offering likely "income taxed" scholarships to potential professional athletes. Many argue that there will be an imbalance in talent due to States that changed their laws from others. But what's even more interesting is, California is now (through unintended consequences) setting up higher educators and schools as for profit schools at a greater taxed rate, as a Corporation in stead of an education center. Not to mention the Athletic Departments that - now hire - from their former recruiting tax exempt status with student athletes.

The US Department of Treasury overseers of the Internal Revenue Service will now also have to play a role the new employees from the tax exempt recruits. As with the School's loss of tax exemption.
Here is a figure to ponder:
Out of state students: $22,577/annually
Athletes (now professionals as viewed by IRS in effected states) have by law, an income plus commercial pay and other income perks they now pay taxes. The School and School's Athletic Dept are no longer in tax exemption status and go from recruiting players to now drafting through "pay to play" by NCAA rule.
Potentially a negative effect on the NFL. As the current student athletes play for the love of the game to expose their value. Where athletes that may receive hundreds of thousands and even millions of $dollars may want to risk injury to remain for five full seasons. While others may flunk out of school once they receive $hundreds of thousands to a few $million. As wealth, even for a short time may distract from their future. To where the NCAA might actually have to redo their requirements that students well into their 20s may have to remain NCAA qualified.

Right now we can only hope that this damage as it may seem, can be either absorbed or cooler vision filled heads can keep the NCAA what it was intended to be. But the Governing board that directs all college athletics seems to be reacting cowardly by not reaching out to Congress for "Fairness in Competition" to which Congress can help straighten this up - - or make it worse.