Strength of the MWC is showing

As I have been reading nicely put and well researched data on the twelve MWC football programs, I see nothing but potential positives. The only unfortunate part of 2020's recruiting is, we just don't know if the New Coaches and their new staffs have been choosing well, but can only hope?

The only way we can attempt a sneak preview of these potentials is by understanding whom the Head Coaches are, their beliefs and philosophical values they bring. For that matter, unless we know how their assistant coaches performed in their last position. We might actually develop an idea of what to expect with the 2020 recruiting class let alone coaching abilities.

For some of you, you may not remember Coach Hoke from his previous stint as SDSU's head coaching tenure. Hoke developed a very potent offense with star running backs, along with excellent QBs. His wide receivers were among the best in the nation. His defense was strong, but I don't recall the stifling defenses of Coach Long's era. But never the less, sufficiently necessary to break the top 25 much of the season. Only Coach Long appears to have been the better coach of the two.

I'd continued my conversation about the other "new kids on the MWC block" but, I know so very little to attempt that. Except to say that Coach Arroyo now at UNLV does have the ability to coach at UNLV. A former O-Coordinator at Wyoming and QB coach in 2009-10. Its interesting that AFA, Boise and Wyoming have the most tenured stability at coaching in the Conference. While SJSU and USU seems to have morphed with their coaches lately. Then we have one of the lowest paid in Nevada's Norvell who seems to be the sturdy anchor for the Wolf Pack in the midst of their unfortunate brawl with their rival that saw firings and suspensions before their Bowl Game.

Even in the midst of late season ending injuries to key players, suspensions of players while one coach left and others got fired. It seems like the Conference's strength has not dissipated which is good news. With the exception of one embarrassing contest, the MWC teams losses in post season were not blow out losses. And the true victors showed up with the Conference's true strength in the MWC football, while the Conference's OOC season were the talk of the networks. Boasting the best record versus P5 schools that not even the P5 Conferences could deny. As I revisit, two blow out MWC wins versus G5 opponents, and one come from behind win. While a fourth win was a game completely under control by the G5 MWC team versus the P5 PAC12 team.

Yes, it is a very good feeling knowing that the MWC is truly headed in the right direction as hope is there for new coaches. But the underlying remains, it is extremely important to remain successful during the OOC seasons to continue. As the developing history of the MWC is there with the hope that all issues from coaching changes to agreements can be resolved. And to finish off the season, we find that the Mountain West as a Conference has gained much attention not only with the sports world. But with the National Networks willing to competitively bid for Broadcast rights. That alone should make every MWC fan smile knowing that the MWC has gone through pains, but we're still here and won't go down quietly.

At the same time, Networks like ESPN became irrelevant to keep for Conference exposure. But the schools from a six state region plus Hawaii are making it happen and will not be discouraged in doing so. And with the Guarantee pay per home game per school from CBS and Fox Broadcasts with better late kick off times. Better kick off times improve the Network ratings and Conference exposure.

Disclosure: I may have wrote things in my commentary that you may agree with or even disagree with. But please, give this writer his dues, by letting him hear about your positive thoughts of the conference in the midst of all the changes.

Thanks for reading, Drew111