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Mountaintop View 2-13-20

San Diego State basketball, spring football, other stuff!

NCAA Basketball: New Mexico at San Diego State Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Undefeated San Diego State basketball: Toughest games left

San Diego State basketball’s glory run is the talk of college basketball. A 1-seed in the NCAA Tournament seems very possible, and the Aztecs might threaten college basketball history with an undefeated season. Are there any landmines remaining? Read above to see who Andy Wittry tabs as the Aztecs’ likeliest misstep.

Boise State’s 2020 DB class would ‘make some Pac-12 schools happy.’ Which of them sees the field first?

Yes, somehow we’ve already reached the part of the football off-season where previews of spring ball start popping up. In this article, 247’s Brandon Huffman notes that Boise State’s DB class is one to take note of. Can any of them play right away? Read above to find out.

Air Force football: Five areas to track as spring practice begins Wednesday

This was an eye-opening article. The Falcons were great in 2019, finishing 11-2. It appears 2020 will feature some hurdles, however, with rampant inexperience. Read above to see where precisely the Falcons need work this spring.

College football teams with the most returning production in 2020

Bill Connelly isn’t with us at SB Nation anymore, but he still does great work. Read above for his stats on returning production in college football. He notes that the Mountain West is the only conference in the country in which nobody ranks in the top 40 for returning production. Only Nevada, Colorado State, and Boise State rank inside the Top 75. Air Force ranks a shocking 127th. A rebuilding year of sorts might be on the horizon for the conference.

Nevada-UNLV highlights

Boise State baseball is back

Ugh, the coaching carousel never ends

On the horizon:

  • Coming Thursday: 2020 Recruiting Breakdown: Wyoming
  • Coming Thursday: Blast From the Bronco Past is back.