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Blast From the Bronco Past: KC Adams

The former Boise State running back reflects on his time as a Bronco

In this edition of “Blast From the Bronco Past,” I was lucky enough to interview KC Adams. The former Boise State running back had one of the greatest seasons in Boise State history and led the team to one of its best seasons. Adams finished the season with 1275 rushing yards, which is number ten in school history. KC was nice enough to answer a few questions about his time as a Bronco and his life after football.

KC, tell us about your journey to Boise State. How did you become a Bronco, and what was it like playing for Pokey Allen?

It’s interesting because that year there wasn’t a great need for JC running backs. I was first committed out of Laney Junior College to Colorado St as a wide receiver (recruited by a young receiver coach named Urban Meyer), but the head coach was fired in December. The other schools I turned down moved on in recruiting. When the BSU staff was hired, they were recruiting a tight end that we had, and Coach Al Borges and Tom Osborne noticed the skinny kid playing running back. The rest is history.

Take us through that 1994 season; it was known as “The Magic Carpet Ride” for a reason. What made that team and the playoff run so special?

Everyone on that team had something to prove that year, from the JC guys who had been overlooked by other programs, to the holdovers from the Skip Hall days who felt they were being replaced by Pokey’s recruits. Believe me, it wasn’t easy mixing all of us together, but guys like Jarrett Hausske and Joe O’Brien worked to make us more than a team; we became a family. We were a bunch of guys who had talent, but were always looked at as a bit too small, a step too slow or some other issue. Plus, we all had that shadow of the U of Idaho hanging 12 straight wins over BSU.

I remember going in to the old Varsity Center on the first day of camp that year and someone passing in a car yelled, “Idaho is gonna kick your ass again this year!” and Joe O’brien telling us to remember that because no one respects us.

Even though we played every playoff game at home, we were still considered the underdogs regardless of the wins vs Nevada, NAU, Idaho, and Montana. Plus, every team was bigger than us.

If you look at that year, every game was remembered by some HUGE play whether it was a gadget play on offense (which we were known for) or a big play on defense.

That game against Marshall is one of the greatest games in Boise State history. Walk us through that game and what allowed the Broncos to come away with the victory?

Marshall had an NFL sized offensive line and an RB that was bigger than our defensive front seven. Plus, they were pissed that they had to go on the road when they felt they should have hosted the game. The way our defense adjusted in the second half of the game and Mark Paljetak being prepared to step in for Tony Hilde were the keys to us winning that. One thing our coaches were great at were halftime adjustments.

You dealt with some unexpected injuries/health issues. How did that impact your career? Are you still dealing with any lingering effects?

I had a shoulder and groin issue when I played, but i feel none of those effects now.

Are you surprised at how much the football program has grown since the FCS days?

Not surprised at all. BSU was already at the highest levels in every other sport, so it was inevitable. I remember the NCAA Track Championships and NCAA First Round Basketball games being hosted by BSU. You could see it happening football wise simply with the kind of player they were able to recruit.

What are your thoughts on the current facilities and how much the stadium has grown?

I love the facilities and hope the current guys appreciate the days they can practice indoors… Seriously, the facilities are first class. I live in Pac-12 Country, and they are as good as many of those programs.

Do you still follow the football program? If so, what do you think fans should keep an eye on this upcoming season?

Yes, kids in my class ask me about the BSU game the weekend before all the time. I try to make at least one game during my teams BYE week or when they come to San Jose or Fresno. What I love to see is the toughness that BSU shows when they hit the field. The way they kept playing when Florida St wilted in their humid conditions made me proud. I’m waiting to see who the new breakout receiver/ tight end will be because defenses will load up vs the run game early. Also, can we find a replacement for Weaver on defense?

How are your post playing days treating you? What are you up to these days?

I’m doing well. I am a Social Science/ P.E. Teacher in Oakland. It’s a bit of irony given my academic troubles when I was playing. I am finishing a 2nd Masters Degree and coaching running backs at Laney College where I played JC. I can be found almost anywhere a HS football or basketball game is being played. I recently saw a GREAT hoop game between Rocky Mountain and Borah. Austin Bolt is the real deal...

Any parting words for Bronco Nation?

I will always BLEEDBLUE. Appreciate the coaches, players, and success you have because there are many programs that would love a 9-3 record every now and then while it sounds like some of us are growing to expect it. It takes an unbelievable amount of work when you are almost everyone’s highlight game each year. Please remember that. I’m always sounding off on Twitter if anyone would like to talk about sports…

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