Hype, Rhetoric or just something to say

As I have drifted over to other sites that either play act or come across as authority over the happening in the MWC. I keep reading what appears to be regurgitated talking points from the MWC vs Boise TV broadcast rights.

Talking points, anywhere from a law suit (that's not filed) to a (Contract for hire) agreement, or just a Contract between the MWC and Boise, for Boise's exclusive right that never happened. You might say, "whoa, wait a minute, its been reported that a law suit was filed". But in reality, a complaint was lodged on behalf of Boise for the future vs the MWC.

And when cross-referenced, you do not see this news in the MWC website, keeping the Conference abreast on the latest. As I'd had business law classes in past, the characteristics of filing a law suit pertain to a binding agreement that effects one party or the other with its ability to function. With that said, Boise does have the ability to better function $ financially as vs the rest of the Conference schools. So no damages there.

Another characteristic of a suit that would determine a Judge's hearing for an acceptable court case is, is there irreparable harm? The future change would not create irreparable harm to the Conference. But would obviously lessen Boise's Coffers. But Boise's demand for more pay than the other eleven schools shows a continued financially weakening of the MWC.

Never the less, the MWC board of Governors voted to make it known to Boise that when this Contract with CBS and Fox comes up for renewal in January 2026. Boise stands the chance in losing their status in remaining a part of the MWC. Whether Boise denies their status, it is commonly known among schools and the Conference as a whole what what has been expected from Boise since its reentry.

Boise has literally been syphoning their contributions to the MWC as a member and it shows with the best AD budget of all Schools. Simply said, Boise State football has not been that dominating program since the 2015 TV Contract for NY6 invites let alone NCS4. And now with that past record raises questions and financially issues that consistent NY6 and NCS4 invites could had easily alleviated.

Where is the answer? - - The answer actually lays with Boise State - does Boise want to remain a MWC program (without NY6/NCS4 invites) or move on like BYU had. I'd mentioned many times, no one including myself wants to see Boise leave BUT can the Conference actually afford Boise State as a member? As long as the Conference creed remains the same, "all for one and one for all", we can not afford Boise without BCS-NY6/NCS4 invites.

Meantime, I suspect during the off season other sites will continue their talking points news stories hopefully no more than around the Spring drill and the Fall camp in August. I'm very thankful that the team of the MWConnection does not regurgiate old news without official updates to refresh that story.

I appreciate your taking the time to read this, as it is important that every MWC fan remains abreast of the history between the MWC and Boise's inclusion. Not one inclusion but twice included from a departure a few years back.

Thanks for reading :)