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Mountaintop View 2-10-20

MWC media deal, MWC recruiting, ref show, Aztecs keep winning, tourney projections.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 01 Utah State at San Diego State Photo by Justin Fine/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Another day, another set of links for you to behold. Catch up on the biggest Mountain West related news from the weekend as well as see a preview for the content coming your way on the site this week.

Mountain West, Boise State agree to place nice together.

After a few weeks of exchanging public displeasure at one another, the two sides reportedly reached an agreement. And it was the most likely scenario after all the speculation. The MWC says Boise State will continue to receive the extra bonus money after this new deal expires. The rest of the schools probably aren’t happy and it wouldn’t be surprising to hear from a few of them.

Do recruiting rankings translate to the field?

Chris Murray did a lot of heavy lifting looking into the recruiting rankings of all 12 teams over the past 10 years and then looked at the records of those teams from 2013 until now. The results were predictable but still meaningful. Boise State and SDSU turn great recruiting into great seasons. Utah State, Air Force and Wyoming do more with less in terms of wins and recruiting while SJSU, Colorado and to a lesser extent Nevada, UNLV, and New Mexico underachieve on the field in proportion to their recruiting.

Whistle Madness in Logan.

During the Utah State/Boise State game on Saturday, a ref show broke out. There were 49 fouls in this game, giving the two-game series a total of 105. This isn’t meant to discredit Utah State’s win or or lessen Boise State’s loss. But it is to illustrate that officiating did not do it’s job during the game and that needs to be changed.

Aztecs turn close game into easy victory.

Air Force hung with San Diego State for as long as it could but in the end the Aztecs won by fifteen points. SDSU is now 24-0 on the season and have won all thirteen games they taken the court for in conference play. Their historic season keeps going.

Madness looking good for SDSU, Utah State.

On the horizon:

  • Later today: A new MWC Recruiting Roundup, featuring the final team recruiting rankings for the 2020 class.
  • Coming Tuesday: Another edition of The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. This one categorizes the new football coaches in the conference.
  • Coming Tuesday: We kick off our Recruiting Breakdown series with the #1 team in the rankings.
  • Coming Wednesday: Peak Perspective: The MWC has a recruiting problem.
  • Coming Wednesday: The Recruiting Breakdown series continues with the second ranked team.