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MWC Recruiting Roundup 2-10-20

Final 2020 Team Recruiting Rankings

NCAA Football: Mountain West Championship-Hawaii at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone take a deep breath. After a whirlwind in the first-half of last week, this week starts the trend of news few and far between for the foreseeable future. But for the rest of the month we will be rolling out a bunch of different content looking at the 2020 class.

On the other hand, many teams are looking ahead and so are way. Starting with this post, everything in the recruiting update section will focus on the 2021 class or beyond. All of the final 2020 offers and commits can be found in our Signing Day Tracker. As you can see below, Boise State wasted no time in handing out 2021 offers.

This week’s cover photo went to the team who secured the top spot in our team recruiting rankings.

2019 Cover Photo Total:

  • San Jose State: 7
  • UNLV: 7
  • Air Force: 6
  • Wyoming: 6
  • Colorado State: 6
  • Nevada: 4
  • Boise State: 4
  • Utah State: 3
  • Fresno State: 2
  • Hawaii: 2
  • New Mexico: 1
  • San Diego State 1

Recruiting Calendar:

We are in the dead period from February 3rd until February 29th. Use it to recover and read a plethora of recruiting content on our site.

Air Force Commit Tracker:

It looks like the final count for the number of Air Force commits in the 2020 class is:

Final 2020 MWCConnection Team Recruiting Rankings:

1. Boise State: A solid blend of star power and a strong supporting cast.

2. UNLV: A class carried by star recruits.

3. Wyoming: A strong supporting cast, but no clear headliner.

4. San Diego State: A smaller class but a few really talented players.

5. San Jose State: A class that will bring the next wave.

6. Air Force: A class with evident immediate talent

7. New Mexico: a rebuilding class who found its cornerstone.

8. Colorado State: A class searching everywhere for talent while prioritizing local talent.

9. Utah State: a class with intriguing skills players

10. Nevada: a class with athletes who need to harness their skills

11. Fresno State: A small class built locally

12. Hawaii: A class led by wide receiving talent and filled with JUCO players. decimated by coaching changes

As many of you may know by now, I like to also break lists like these down into tiers. Tiers can be helpful to provide a different angle to look at things. If one made an argument for flipping some of the spots on this list but kept them within the same tier, I wouldn’t put up much of a debate.

Tier 1: Boise State, UNLV

Tier 2: Wyoming, San Diego State

Tier 3: San Jose State, Air Force,

Tier 4: New Mexico

Tier 5: Colorado State, Utah State, Nevada

Tier 6: Fresno State, Hawaii

Recruiting Updates:

(Note: Last week we only included news on 2021 recruits, as all the 2020 news ended up in our Signing Day Tracker)


  • WR/DB Jaraye Williams was offered by Boise State
  • ATH Zyrus Fiaseu was offered by Boise State
  • OL Kolinu’u Faaiu was offered by Boise State
  • DB Isaiah Nwokobia was offered by Boise State
  • DB Andrew Mukuba was offered by Boise State
  • DE Raam Stevenson was offered by Boise State
  • WR Roderick Daniels was offered by Boise State
  • LB Zephaniah Maea was offered by Boise State
  • DE Arden Walker was offered by Boise State
  • LB Rejhan Tatum was offered by Boise State
  • LB DJ Arkansas was offered by Boise State
  • DB Krew Jackson was offered by Boise State
  • DB Zamajay Duncan was offered by Boise State
  • WR Brady Boyd was offered by Boise State
  • DB Jaylen Lane was offered by Boise State
  • DB Jalen Emery was offerd by Boise State
  • TE Aaron Steinfeldt was offered by Boise State
  • DB Kaleb Higgins was offered by Boise State
  • DE Terrell Tilmon was offered by Boise State
  • LB Kaleb Elarms Orr was offered by Colorado State
  • RB Edward Gastelum was offered by Hawaii
  • WR Jeremy Naborne was offered by Nevada and Wyoming
  • DB Xamarion Gorrdon was offered by Utah State
  • DT Jacob Schuster was offered by Utah State

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