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Power Rankings: Week 7

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Everyone agrees on the top 3 teams, but the order is up for debate.

NCAA Football: UNLV at San Jose State Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Back at it. With each week, the sample size will grow and the rankings will (hopefully) be more accurate. Take a look at this week’s MWCConnection Power Rankings, and let us know what you like and what you don’t. Feel free to drop your own rankings in the comments section.

1) San Jose State

San Jose State had a lot going against them this past week but went into Hawaii and were in control of the game from start to finish. They are undefeated and have done everything they can in their control. Their toughest game was cancelled and their next toughest game looms this coming week. In all honesty, these three teams could be put in any order according to one’s preference.

2) Boise State

Didn’t play this week due to Covid.

They have been hampered by Covid the past two weeks and it remains to be seen if they are healthy enough to face Wyoming this coming week. They haven’t been fully healthy, but look as strong as usual when they have played at mostly full strength. Maybe it’s not fair they get dinged a spot due to missing the past two games. Maybe it’s not fair they are pretty much set to go to the MWC championship despite missing the past two games. Either way, here they are. In all honesty, these three teams could be put in any order according to one’s preference.

3) Nevada

The Wolf Pack recovered nicely from their loss the previous week. Their offense scored early and often against Fresno State. They are a good team having a great season and are at the top of the conference. They are now preparing for a big time against San Jose State. In all honesty, these three teams could be put in any order according to one’s preference.

4) Fresno State

The Bulldogs have solidified themselves as one of the best teams in the conference. They hung in with Nevada but never really felt in it. It’s been a strong bounce-back season for Fresno State and they look set up pretty well for the future. They aren’t quite in the same convo as the three teams above, but there’s no shame in that.

5) San Diego State

The Aztecs have been able to win with a formula of a high-powered rushing attack and a stout defense. However, that formula has not been working as often as they would like. It is apparent that teams can shut down the rushing attack with no fear of a passing game until further notice. Their offense continues to struggle and this week they were saved by their defense and special teams. With that being said, they move to the bottom tier of the best teams and are closer to #6 than #4.

6) Air Force

It’s easy to wonder what the Falcon’s record would be if they didn’t have the turnbacks and injuries. Their offense has been solid since their offensive linemen came back and it’s been great as they have gotten their skill players back. Their defense has played surprisingly well given how much turnover they’ve had. They are a team who has improved as the year has gone on.

7) Hawaii

Hawaii has pretty much been a middle of the road team all season and they just fluctuate between the high and low ends of the middle range. After beating Nevada last week, they lost pretty handily to San Jose State this week. They remain the most inconsistent team, as no one is sure how they will show up from week to week.

8) Wyoming

The Cowboys have had a rough season. A close lost, games cancelled due to opposing team’s having Covid, injuries, and losses in games they should win. Without their starting running back and then their starter (who is the second string) going out during the game. Who knows what happens during a normal season, but this is where they are during the Covid season.

9) Colorado State

The Rams could looked pretty good moving the ball on offense this past week but could not score points when it mattered. There are enough pieces on offense for a good team, but they are not consistent. The defensive side of the ball has always been a work in progress, without the progress part.

10) New Mexico

The Lobos got their first win in thrilling, come from behind fashion. They have had their struggles this season but more often than not competed in every game and it paid off this week as they ran up and down the field, despite a true freshman walk-on at QB. They will likely finish as the best of the worst teams.

11) Utah State

Coming off their first win last week, they returned to a pretty lifeless performance against Air Force. Their defense got owned against the triple option and the offense didn’t do much either. With one more game, they have a shot against Colorado State, but their defense will need to step up to keep up with the Ram’s passing attack.

12) UNLV

Didn’t play this week due to Covid.

As the only winless team, they can’t be anywhere else on the list. Things have been bleak for the Rebels this season. Lots of quarterbacks, lots of points given up, and lots of stress related to Covid. They technically have a chance to get that elusive win against Fresno State this week but it won’t be easy.