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Should Boise State Hire Kellen Moore?

Football Scoop reports that the Bronco legend is being targeted for the head coaching position

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports is reporting that Boise State is targeting Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator and former Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore. There is a lot of intrigue surrounding this. Is Kellen the best guy for the job? Should he even take the position?

Why Boise State Should Hire Kellen Moore:


Kellen would bring a ton of energy to the Boise State fan base and its boosters. Kellen is loved in these parts. Season tickets would skyrocket and national attention for the program would be the highest its been since his playing days.


Kellen doesn’t have any experience coaching at the college level. But he can go into a recruits house and use his ties to the Dallas Cowboys and his experience in the NFL to his advantage. Plus, he’s a super likable guy and will bring out the best in his athletes.


The Boise State football program has been lacking something. It is one of those things that is hard to put your finger on. But Kellen Moore can bring back that excitement that has been missing from the Boise State football program.

Why Kellen Should Turn it Down:


Boise State boosters and the fans will make sure that Kellen gets a solid salary. But he seems like he is destined to be an NFL head coach. Does he want to walk away from that? There is also the possibility that he wants to settle down in Boise with his family. Kellen is the type of guy that might overlook the money.


Any college football coach will tell you that recruiting is a massive headache. Is that something he really wants to deal with?

Putting a Staff Together

Does Kellen have enough ties to put together a solid staff. Would Bryan Harsin and/or Chris Petersen help with this? This seems to be the biggest concern among skeptics.

My Thoughts:

You have to offer him the job if he wants it. This is a long term play for the program. The first year or two will likely have some bumps in the road while he gets his feet wet. But the excitement it would generate and money it would bring in to the program is impossible to overlook. Plus, Kellen is a brilliant offensive mind and he cares deeply about the school. He would give this job everything he has. In my mind, if he wants the job you give it to him.