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Brent Brennan - SJSU Contract Extension

The once trepidation and the quick answer

Mountain West Football Championship - Boise State v San Jose State Photo by Ethan Miller

While the spin-the-bottle for your head coach continues for some around the country, San Jose State head coach Brent Brennan gets a collective kiss, a virtual bear hug and further affirmation with a surprise contract extension announced today.

After much ado about the Arizona Wildcats honing in on Brennan, the San Jose State administration acted quickly.

“Yesterday, we had discussions about coach Brennan’s contract,” announced athletic director Marie Tuite. “And I’m very, very excited to announce we’ve agreed to an extension and additional terms.”

Though the exact terms are yet to be finalized, it’s Brennan’s second extension announcement in a year announced by Tuite.

“You want to think about your football program and you don’t want to worry about it and there’s a big difference with that,” said Tuite. “You have to trust your head coach is going to make the right decisions for everyone involved and I’ve said before one of the greatest joys I’ve had is watching coach Brennan grow into the coach he is today and I hope he finishes his career here at San Jose State.”

The thanks and appreciation goes far beyond what most are seeing from a historic season with the Spartans going 7-0 in an indelible 2020 and decisively winning their first-ever Mountain West Championship – including a New Year’s Eve invite to the Arizona Bowl game.

The breadth of football coming from the supposed “lesser” of three Bay Area universities is welcoming and in the story behind the story, there is more than a great coach trying to revive the soul of its university.

“Someone once told me to be a good football coach, you need a good quarterback, a good dog, and a good wife, but not in that order,” shared Brennan. “My wife, Courtney, is amazing. There’s a real lonely part of it for her, raising the family, the success of my job being so public, and her facing ridiculous, rude stuff – she was with me from the very start and I’m so lucky to have her as my absolute rock and the toughest person in our family.”

The move of confidence from the administration also shows the same continued commitment to Brennan in the four-year wake of delivering on bold promises behind the scenes.

Providing an environment where players can learn and thrive in an active socio-economic climate from a school with exactly that lineage to having an in-house program to assist student-athletes beyond football to the dedication of finding local talent desperate to show they can compete at a national level – Brennan’s vision is comparable to a start-up CEO now bringing his company public in the Silicon Valley.

It goes to say for Brennan, “If he can make it here, he can make it anywhere.” So, future offers are bound to still happen given the expected trajectory.

Outside of Sparta, the expectation of Brennan was to jump at the first sign of upward mobility along with the windfall that comes along with it. The decades’ parade of former Spartan coaches moving off to Power Five schools shows it. From Darryl Rogers, Jack Elway, Terry Shea, Ron Turner, and Mike MacIntyre, it wouldn’t have been a surprise.

Brennan is clearly different.

The move to keep Brennan and for Brennan to stay shows far greater investment and future value. It is a legacy move for the school and eventually, even the conference.

While people line up under his mistletoe for more smooches, how perfect a Christmas present is it for Brennan? It’s another most unique aspect of 2020 for the Spartans.

“This is a great day,” capped off sports information director Lawrence Fan. “This is a wonderful team with wonderful people and there’s more to come.”