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What’s Next for Boise State? (Updated)

Boise State is now looking for a new head coach

Mountain West Football Championship - Boise State v San Jose State Photo by David J. Becker/Getty Images

It has been an eventful few weeks for Boise State and the Bronco football program. Boise State is without an athletic director, are seeking out a new conference, and are now looking for a head football coach. With how displeased Harsin has been with the university and its lack of progress in regards to upward movement in the football program, it seems like it might have been the right time for both sides to move on. Let’s take a look at who the obvious candidates are and how we think this all plays out.

Andy Avalos

Zach: This is the most likely hire for the Broncos and would be a home run and a popular pick with Bronco Nation. Avalos is an extremely personable guy and was loyal to Boise State for a very long time. The past two years at Oregon have prepared Avalos for a bigger role. It would also please many of the current players on the roster that are familiar with Avalos. He will probably be the second phone call. I would give this hire an A. He is a great recruiter and a phenomenal defensive mind. However, the Broncos are known for hiring offensive minded coaches. His offensive coordinator hire would be critical.

Danny: If I could choose the next head coach for Boise State it would be Andy Avalos. From his first press conference as an assistant through his last day as a Bronco coach, I have been impressed with Avalos. He has "it." On top of that, he is familiar with the current coaches and players, and is fully committed to the Boise State standard. He's the guy for the job.

Kellen Moore

Zach: I have mixed feelings about this. Kellen is a pretty reserved guy. Does he want to deal with recruiting and go into the living rooms of parents to sell his program? I also worry about how this could impact his legacy at Boise State. On the other hand, it would be one of the most intriguing stories in college football and would put the Broncos back in the limelight. I would give this hire an A-, because there are plenty of questions that he would need to answer. I also wonder what kind of staff he would put together. Would Pete be willing to help him for a year or two?

Danny: I know a lot of fans are scared about Kellen Moore coming back and potentially ruining his legacy at Boise State. That's completely fair, but I'll never bet against Kellen. If he wants the job who am I to say he shouldn't have it. Moore is as important as anybody in Boise State’s national standing and I'd welcome him back with open arms.

Chris Petersen

Zach: He’s the first name you call and if he says no, you ask him to help. Maybe he could mentor the new coach for a year or two. We know he was contacted about helping with the athletic director position. Pete is one of the best coaches in all of college football. Would he want one last dance with the program that started it all? Pete built this house, but I’m doubtful he wants to come back. It would be an A+ hire. But it’s not happening.

Danny: This won't happen, but as Zach said, wouldn't hurt to give him a ring. Heck, if he says no to the head coaching job, go ahead and offer him the AD job in the next sentence.

Jeff Choate

Zach: This one is gaining a lot of steam Choate is a favorite of Broncos from the “Kellen era.” This hire does not move the needle for me. Choate has had moderate success at Montana State, but he doesn’t have a ton of coordinator experience and I think the Broncos need a proven recruiter. Dave Southorn has confirmed that Choate will interview for the position.

Danny: When I first saw the Choate buzz accelerating on social media I was surprised. I was not aware of the impact that Choate had on his players or the importance he had on the program during the Coach Pete era. This would have been a disappointing hire for me if if was immediately announced yesterday, but at this point I would be worried but intrigued.

Another Former Bronco

Zach: Mike Sanford Jr. is a name that will come up. But personally, if they get to this point I would look to make a change and go outside of the program.

Danny: Two former Boise State coordinators whose names have popped up are Mike Sanford and Zak Hill. Once upon a time I would have been THRILLED with Sanford, but the shine has worn thin since he suddenly left BSU. Hill would be a surprising hire. He doesn't have strong ties to Boise and, while good, didn't exactly shock the world while he was here.

Outside Hire

Zach: Boise State has relied on its reputation and culture for as long as I have followed the program. It is hard to see an outside hire happening. But we have a new president and are currently without an athletic director. A name like Graham Harrell could be interesting. But I think this is highly unlikely.

Danny: If Boise State reaches outside the program then it'll likely be for an offensive wiz. I don't have a name to add to the list, but I wouldn't mind stealing a certain Nevada offensive coordinator for the same position as Boise State if the Broncos hire an outsofer with air raid tendencies.

Who Gets the Job?

Zach: Andy Avalos and I don’t think it is particularly close. He is the most realistic hire and would be a popular choice with the current players and the boosters. If Pete says no, it is a pretty easy decision.

Danny: Andy Avaolos is the man for the job. Players, coaches, and fans alike will be excited about the hire and boosters will step up for the Bronco legend. I really think Avalos is a special coach. Coach Pete special.

Who do you think the next coach at Boise State should be? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.