Possible solution for the CFP

Once again, an undefeated Group of 5 team didn't make the College Football Playoff (actually three). Cincinnati, Coastal Carolina, and the Mountain West's very own San Jose St. weren't considered worthy. The CFP was designed to remove the flaws of the BCS and make it easier for a Group of 5 team reach a national championship.

Well, that didn't work. Not even in this topsy-turvy year of 2020. While there were 6 G5 team in the final top 25 poll, the highest was Cincinnati at #6 in the AP and #9 in the CFP. It looks like a Group of 5 team will never rank high enough to gain entrance to the CFP. There have been plenty of articles about this in the sports world since the selection committee selected the CFP. This system (like the BCS) benefits P5 teams not G5 teams.

It's been 7 years since the BCS and nothing has changed. So, what to do? The Power 5 are not going to change their ways; there is too much money to be lost. So, if they won't change maybe the Group of 5 should.

The Group of 5 should break away and have it's own rankings, playoff system (another tier unto itself), and crown their own National Champion.

The Group of 5 has 60 teams between the 5 conferences (almost half the FBS). The G5 is always competitive, has plenty of fans, and are quite frankly more entertaining to watch. Keep the bowl tie-ins and even out-of-conference games with P5 teams if you like.

If the status quo stays the same the Group of 5 will never get a shot at a national championship.