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MWC Recruiting Roundup 12-21-20

Everyone take a breath following signing day.

Colorado State vs Wyoming

Another week, another recruiting roundup.

Recruiting hit its peak this past week with all the movement leading up to signing day. While this doesn’t reflect every single recruiting update, it is probably the most comprehensive MWC recruiting post out there.

Some teams took another step in compiling their 2022 classes with identifying players to offer. A few teams picked up last minute or signing day commitments to give their classes a last minute boost. One of those teams was Colorado State, which picked up three new commitments between Tuesday and Wednesday. For their efforts, they take a turn on the banner.

Class of 2021 Cover Photo Total:

  • Air Force: 8
  • Colorado State: 5
  • New Mexico: 5
  • San Diego State: 5
  • Boise State: 4
  • Nevada: 3
  • UNLV: 3
  • Wyoming: 3
  • Fresno State: 2
  • San Jose State: 2
  • Hawaii: 1

Recruiting Calendar:

The dead period is still alive. But based on what the NCAA is allowing, it seems more like a contact period to some degree, as coaches can have unlimited calls and video meetings during this time.

Update: The Dead Period has been extended through March 2021.

Air Force Commitment Tracker:

Looks like it’s time to bring this back. Since the Air Force Academy regularly has around 100 commits in each class, it’s kind of fun to track them over the course of the year.

Number of Falcon verbal commits: 56

Recruiting Updates:


  • 2023 DB Tristen Sion was offered by Colorado State
  • 2023 QB Brayden Dorman was offered by Colorado State
  • 2022 DB/WR Simeon Harris was offered by Fresno State
  • 2022 DB/WR AJ Jones was offered by Fresno State
  • 2022 LB Thomas Johnson was offered by Fresno State
  • JUCO OL Matt Keeler was offered by Hawaii
  • OL Arrison Cole was offered by New Mexico
  • OL Hunter Smith was offered by New Mexico
  • DE Jaxon Powell was offered by New Mexico
  • WR Jeremiah Ballard was offered by UNLV
  • WR Keithron Lee was offered by Utah State


  • TE Parker Menefee committed to Air Force
  • DB Curt Evangelister committed to Air Force
  • DT Ahmed Hassanein committed to Boise State
  • DE Clay Nanke committed to Colorado State
  • WR Duante Davis committed to Colorado State
  • LB Andrew Kulick committed to Colorado State
  • LB Zeke Branham committed to Fresno State
  • OL Shancco Matautia committed to New Mexico
  • DL Aurion Peoples committed to Utah State

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