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Boise State Declines Bowl Bid

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An injury plagued season comes to an abrupt end

NCAA Football: Boise State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

After suffering a devastating loss in the Mountain West Championship Game, Boise State has decided to decline a bowl invitation. The Broncos were likely headed to the Military Bowl or the Birmingham Bowl. Neither of which make much sense when it comes to travel, costs, and the risk of potential injury.

Boise State was plagued by the injury bug throughout the season and had multiple games cancelled due to COVID related issues in the program. The Broncos likely would have been without two starting receivers in Khalil Shakir and Octavius Evans. Boise State also would have been without starting running back George Holani, starting tight end John Bates, and multiple players on the defensive line. While many fans are upset, this was the right decision for the program moving forward. This season uncovered some unexpected weaknesses and the Broncos will want to be as healthy as possible when spring ball begins in March.

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