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The Recruiting Road So Far: Boise State

Taking a look at the Bronco’s December class.

NCAA Football: Boise State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the second piece of our twelve-part series that hopefully makes the dead period go by a bit quicker. These articles aim to provide a detailed look at what each team has done thus far on the recruiting trail and what work still needs to be put in before NLI day in February. One team a day will be featured this year in alphabetical order. Today will look at Boise State.

Boise State:

The 2020 season had its bumps and bruises for pretty much everyone, and Boise State was no exception. They lost two games due to covid, and at one point, had an OL player on the DL, as well as their 5th string walk-on true freshman QB in a game. Outside of a complete blowout to BYU, they went undefeated in the regular-season conference schedule for the second straight year.

With eligibility rules being adjusted for Covid, it’s a bit difficult to know which players are staying or leaving. That makes it a bit harder to understand what specific needs are in the class. That being said, linebacker was a position of focus in this class, as well as the offensive and defensive lines. To see how they’ve done so far, look below.

The Road So Far:

It may be difficult to believe, especially considering the lack of four-star recruits, but this ranks as Boise State’s second-best class ever, according to the rankings. Boise State’s primary recruiting states are California and Texas, and this class is no different, with five and four players from each state, respectively. They also dipped into Colorado more than usual and continue to scan Arizona for talent. However, Oklahoma and Connecticut, of all places, serve as new recruiting states.

Offensively, they added commits at quarterback, wide receiver, tight end, and the offensive line. WR Eric McAlister is the headliner and could make an immediate impact. He’s flanked by Kaden Dudley and Jalen Richmond, and together the trio adds versatility to the position as well as talent. Tight end Matt Lauter is making waves at exposure camps and could go down as a steal. Similarly, QB Taylen Green was seen as more of a project when he committed but looked more like a finished product during his senior season. Looking at the O-line, it may be the most talented bunch they’ve signed, with Mason Randolph standing as one of the highest-rated commits the Broncos have ever had at the position. Those two are joined by Joseph Amos and Cord Kringlen, who bring college-ready size.

On the defensive side of the ball, two new players join the defensive line, three in the linebacker corps, and another two enter into the secondary. DT Ahmed Hassanein is as raw as they come, having only started playing football two years ago after entering the US from Egypt, but he is athletic and talented. Similarly, James Wilborn is a big-time talent who will slot perfectly into their pass-rushing position. The defensive star-power is at linebacker, with Rejhan Tatum and Jai Jones both turning down multiple Power 5 offers to play for Boise State. Marco Notarainni is a good sleeper candidate as he is highly rated but hasn’t gotten the same level of attention as the other two but looks great at the WLB spot. Looking at the defensive backs, Zion Washington brings nice size to the safety position, while Seyi Oladipo compliments him as a smaller but more versatile DB who can double as a returner.

Number who signed in December: 15

Number who will enroll early: 5

247 Composite Rankings: 63rd

The Road Ahead:

Top Targets Remaining: RB, DL, DB

While most of the work is now finished for Boise State, they still need to check off a few more boxes. They addressed their most pressing needs by securing a trio of linebackers and got bigger and more talented in the offensive trenches. Plus, their skill players at the wide receiver position figure to restock that spot.

This season, their depth at running back was exposed, and the thought is they look for two in this class. Not yet adding one is a slight concern. They also may want to add another player on the inside and outside of the defensive line, and perhaps another defensive back. While a high school running back is essential, the remaining spots could come from junior college or the transfer market. In last year’s class, the Broncos dipped heavily into the transfer portal in the spring, filling out the depth at five different positions. Don’t be surprised if they do so again, especially if players don’t have to sit out a year if the new transfer rules are approved.

It will be interesting to see what they do over the next few weeks. If they are handing out offers, they will show they are still pursuing high school players with remaining positions. If things are quieter, it will likely be a sign they are waiting to see who they can recruit in the transfer portal.

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