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SJS football: Brennan bolts for a billion dollars

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Seeing it play out for the MWC coach of the year

SJSU football head coach Brent Brennan at Simpkins Athletic Building photo by RJ Garcia | SJSU digital media staff

Arizona fires their head coach and now they must steal a successor who can revive its program.

As timing has it, Mountain West coach of the year and Spartan head coach Brent Brennan is the hot commodity at the moment begging the obvious questions.

Basic human nature most always questions your intentions when more money and more notoriety comes at you. It comes from the assumption of how and what you prioritize.

It also comes from the assumption you can be bought or everyone has a price. Part of the answers can be found in a persons’ history and body of work.

If one can let go of the secular motivations for a moment, it’s sometimes fun for a little psychoanalyzing.

What would it mean if your head coach leaves for a better job?

Is it for a better job or again, more money and fame to eventually get on DWTS, or just new experiences because there’s another path in mind?

There are lots of automatic questions once some highfalutin entity wants to put their crown on you, but the meaningful questions and some answers will come from those around your coach.

For regular folks, leave and most people won’t blink an eye. It’s that human nature thing to experience whatever can be possible.

For players, staff, coaches, administration, students, etc. who’ve bought into your program, there is a deep sense of fulfillment, growth, and soulful connections. Corny stuff for people who don’t understand (and a crux of many other divisions we’re experiencing today).

If your coach might be a legacy kinda guy, there’s still a whole lotta work to do before you leave something better off than you left it. If he left now, it would seem to invalidate the current build. It would be incomplete.

If your coach has a clear value system, a strong family core, a trail of past players who support you, an ability to attract good, strong people, and who wants to do good beyond the field - he might already have “it” where he’s at, because where he’s at needs it, because it’s his home too.

Better questions would come if a highfalutin entity like the NFL comes knocking; not because it might be a no-brainer, but how much more good could your coach do with that platform?

Accolades are fleeting. Ups and downs are certain. Money is cool after you make it but it’s still really empty without what matters.

Answers are there if one listens and watches for a while.

Anyways, it’s all fodder for now with an absolute, real goal within reach this weekend.