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Early Christmas Gift: Hawaii will play Houston in New Mexico Bowl*

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*New Mexico Bowl to be played in Frisco, Texas due to COVID restrictions in Albuquerque

UNLV v Hawaii Photo by Darryl Oumi/Getty Images

Hawaii football concluded its 2020 regular season by defeating UNLV 38-21 at Aloha Stadium on Saturday night. Many, including myself, figured that meant Hawaii’s season had come to a close. After all, Hawaii has qualified for a bowl game 13 times in their history, and only twice have they gone to the mainland to do so. 1992 in San Diego, and 2007 in Louisiana. Surely with the Hawaii Bowl canceled, the Warriors are done, right?


The Mountain West shockingly announced that Hawaii will play Houston in the New Mexico Bowl. The New Mexico Bowl will actually be played in Frisco, Texas on December 24th, Christmas Eve. The game will be on ESPN at 3:30 EST. Albuquerque cannot host the game due to COVID-19 restrictions.

...and of all opponents, Hawaii will take on the 3-4 Houston Cougars. Hawaii and Houston played in one of the best bowl games I’ve ever watched in 2003, a 54-48 4 OT thriller. There was a huge brawl at the end too.

Congrats to Hawaii football and UH fans. Put on your bowling shoes.