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Power Rankings: Week 3

A shake-up at the top of the rankings.

Nevada v UNLV Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Back at it. With each week, the sample size will grow and the rankings will (hopefully) be more accurate. Take a look at this week’s MWCConnection Power Rankings, and let us know what you like and what you don’t. Feel free to drop your own rankings in the comments section.

1) Nevada

The Wolf Pack keep playing and they keep winning. Their offense is a beautiful thing to watch and shows no signs of slowing down. Even better is they are starting to get a bit of national attention.

2) San Jose State

The most surprising 3-0 team in the conference (and maybe most of football), the Spartans passed their biggest checkpoint of the young season with flying colors against a very good San Diego State team, one that has handily beat them for years. Even more impressive, they did so with their backup QB playing much of the game.

3) Boise State

Speaking of backup QBs, Boise State was without their first string QB, their second string QB left with a concussion, and their third string QB has been injured all season. That meant they played most of the game with their fourth string (true freshman) QB and at times even their fifth string (walk-on true freshman). It went much worst than it sounds and that is still before looking at the defense. Still, they haven’t had any issues with conference games (so far).

4) San Diego State

The Aztecs drop a few spots as well after losing to the Spartans. They are still a good team and should rebound, but as usual, if their tried and true game-plan of running the ball can be stopped, so can the SDSU offense. They need to develop a passing game.

5) Hawaii

They won a shootout against New Mexico to move to 2-1. For this week anyway, they looked more like the team from Week 1 and less like the team from Week 2. Teams 5-7 and maybe even 5-9 have yet to truly distinguish themselves but the Rainbow Warriors top the group for now.

6) Fresno State

Right on their heels are the emerging Bulldogs. After looking lost and confused week 1, they now have put together back to back wins and have looked pretty formidable doing so. Sure they are playing the lower half of the conference, but they are also putting distance between themselves and the lower half of the conference.

7) Wyoming

The Cowboys, however, seem to be doing the opposite. Their first loss is looking better and better each week but this second one is a head-scratcher. They really need to regroup before this becomes a lost season for the team. Losing a rivalry game is tough and now Wyoming gets a de-facto bye week to figure things out.

8) Colorado State

The Rams get a win and their offense looks much improved. Their game against Boise State will reveal if they are contenders or pretenders this year.

9) Air Force

The Falcons are fighting a battle on two fronts. Regrouping from losses on the field and regrouping from losses in their ranks due to alleged covid outbreaks. They will now lose a second game to Covid, which may need to debut in a future rankings post if this keeps persisting.

10) New Mexico

In distinguishing these three winless teams, it will be determined based off of competitive losses/moral victories. The Lobos have two hard-fought losses and benefit from having a game cancelled.

11) UNLV

The Rebels have two hard-fought losses but their one lifeless loss keeps them below the Lobos for this week.

12) Utah State

The Aggies have three lifeless losses and only a few hard-fought moments, let alone an entire game. They fired their coach three games into his second season and at this point, are probably just looking forward to the end of the season they so wished would happen just a month ago.