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Week Two Bowl Projections

A new team enters the fray for many of our writers

NCAA Football: New Mexico at San Jose State Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Our team will be predicting where we think Mountain West school will end this bowl season (if they happen). With so much up in the air (no win requirements), we are sticking with Mountain West bowl tie-ins and New Year’s Six games. That will change as the season progresses. For the first few weeks, we are just going to project where we think Mountain West teams will land. Here we go...


Los Angeles Bowl: Boise State

New Mexico Bowl: Nevada

Potato Bowl: San Jose State

Arizona Bowl: Wyoming

Frisco Bowl: San Diego State

I see you San Jose State. The Spartans entered my bowl projections for the first time. We are going to see if San Jose State is a real contender this weekend, when they take on San Diego State. There weren’t a lot of surprises in this weekend’s results. If anything, we started to separate the contenders from the pretenders. Boise State remains in the top spot, but San Diego State and Nevada appear to be real threats. Especially if the injuries keep piling up for the Broncos.


Los Angeles Bowl: Boise State

New Mexico Bowl: Nevada

Potato Bowl: Wyoming

Arizona Bowl: SJSU/Hawaii

Frisco Bowl: San Diego State

Through two games, there’s a clear divide in the conference. The consensus top three teams are Boise State, San Diego State, and Nevada. Wyoming is the clear number four team and I’m confident that all four of those teams will make a bowl game this season. I think a fifth team will make a bowl but that team is unknown at this point. The best of the rest one could say. I was pulling for Colorado State this off-season but they didn’t look good at all in their opener. Utah State was a popular pick but no one would confuse them with a bowl team at this point. I put both San Jose State and Hawaii on here, as they seem like the best bets through two weeks. Don’t count out Fresno State either, but I’d bank on one of those three teams emerging by season’s end.


Los Angeles Bowl: San Diego State

New Mexico Bowl: Hawaii

Potato Bowl: Wyoming

Arizona Bowl: Nevada

Frisco Bowl: Boise State

I made an upset prediction at the beginning of the year and I’m sticking with it. Still picking SDSU for the LA Bowl. Still not sure with SJSU, so I’m going with Hawaii for the last bowl spot.


Los Angeles Bowl: Boise State

New Mexico Bowl: Nevada

Potato Bowl: SJSU

Arizona Bowl: SDSU

Frisco Bowl: Wyoming

The MWC appears to have a clear split between the haves and the have not. Boise State has looked like the class of the conference again. Nevada is 2-0 and the Air Raid is humming along quite nicely. SDSU is scoring points at a clip we haven’t seen in a while. Those three teams appear to be automatic bowl participants. After that Wyoming and San Jose are poised to take advantage of their schedules and make a bowl game.

What changes would you make? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.