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Mountain West Rooting Guide (Updated)

Is your team in the hunt?

NCAA Football: Fresno State at UNLV Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

We have entered that point in the season where fans from the top teams in the conference are scoreboard watching in hopes that their team can make the conference games. Let’s look at what each team needs to have happen in order to make the championship game.

Already Eliminated:


New Mexico


Utah State

Colorado State

Air Force

Would Need a Miracle:


The Cowboys can finish the season 4-2 with victories over New Mexico and Boise State. The Cowboys would also need Nevada to lose their last two games and San Jose State to lose to Hawaii. They would also probably need Boise State to play this weekend and lose to UNLV. The Cowboys will likely be eliminated before games even start this weekend because of possible cancellations.

San Diego State

Like Wyoming, the Aztecs can finish 4-2. But the hurdles are endless to get into the championship game. The Aztecs would need Nevada to drop their last two and would have to hope Boise State does the same and they somehow win the tiebreaker. It’s not happening and it doesn’t help that their game with Colorado State is in question.

They Have a Shot:

Fresno State

We haven’t heard from the Bulldogs in quite some time, but they have a chance to make things really interesting this weekend. If the Bulldogs win this weekend, they will surpass Nevada for third place and would need Boise State or San Jose State to lose a game. Honestly, I think this scenario is possible. The Bulldgos would probably need San Jose State to lose to Nevada the following weekend.

Top Contenders:


The Wolf Pack did not do themselves any favors by losing to Hawaii this past weekend, but they control their own destiny. Their last two games are against Fresno State and San Jose State. Win both games and they are in, drop a game and they are likely out.

San Jose State

The undefeated Spartans have a tough slate the last two weeks with games against Hawaii and Nevada. Who knows where these games will even be played? If the Spartans win out they are in. If Nevada and San Jose State both win this weekend, their game will decide who goes to the championship game. If San Jose State loses to Hawaii, things could get complicated.

Boise State

The Broncos propbably won’t play this weekend. If they do, a win over UNLV could be enough to get them in. There is a scenario where Fresno State, San Jose State, and Boise State could all be 5-1. The Broncos might get left out in that scenario, but that is unlikely.

Update: Boise State can clinch a spot this weekend under two different scenarios.

Scenario #1: Boise State plays and beats UNLV. Nevada beats and eliminates Fresno State. Hawaii beats San Jose State. This guarantees the Broncos finish at least 5-1 and either Nevada or SJSU will have two losses.

Scenario #2: Boise State plays and beats UNLV. Nevada beats and eliminates Fresno State. San Jose State games in cancelled. This will result in the Spartans finishing either 5-0 or 4-1. If they are 5-0, Nevada will be eliminated, if they are 4-1, Boise State will have five wins. This would cause quite a bit of controversy.

Who will be featured in the Mountain West Championship? Leave your predictions in the comments below.