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Power Rankings: Week 6

Down goes last week’s number 1 team.

Fresno State v UNLV Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Back at it. With each week, the sample size will grow and the rankings will (hopefully) be more accurate. Take a look at this week’s MWCConnection Power Rankings, and let us know what you like and what you don’t. Feel free to drop your own rankings in the comments section.

T1) San Jose State/Boise State

Didn’t play this week due to Covid.

With Nevada losing, these two teams move up. Both are undefeated in conference play and as of this week, stand as the top two teams. Both have build their success on a variety of offensive weapons scoring lots of points and defenses that shut down the strengths of the opposition. It’s a shame the two teams were not able to play this weekend to determine on the field who the stronger team is this year.

3) Nevada

The Wolf Pack could have easily lost the past two games, but managed to pull out a victory in each. This past weekend, it caught up with them. They were not able to get their deep passing game going and thus their offense couldn’t get going either. Bottom line, they ended up paying the price with their first loss of the year.

4) Fresno State

Didn’t play this week due to Covid, but here is the write-up from two weeks ago:

The Bulldogs haven’t played in two weeks not but it works to their benefit. Their offense has found it’s rhythm and looks better each week, while the defense looks up to the task. This week anyway, it appears they are now the clear fourth-best team in the Mountain West conference.

5) San Diego State

The Aztecs have been able to win with a formula of a high-powered rushing attack and a stout defense. However, that formula has not been working as often as they would like. It is apparent that teams can shut down the rushing attack with no fear of a passing game until further notice. With that being said, they move to the bottom tier of the best teams and are closer to #6 than #4.

6) Hawaii

Hawaii is inconsistent to be sure, but it is definitely a fun ride. This week they took down the previously undefeated Wolf Pack and did so while executing their offensive and defensive game plans quite well. Calvin Turner has emerged as a big-time playmaker and their offense can overcome inconsistency and other flaws due to his presence.

7) Wyoming

The Cowboys arguably deserve to be ranked higher but beating up on the Rebels isn’t enough to allow them to jump a team that beat the Wolf Pack. That being said, their rushing attack and suffocating defense was on display and was more than enough to handle UNLV. Their passing game still leaves a lot to be desired but they won’t have a problem next game against New Mexico.

8) Air Force

Didn’t play this week due to Covid, but here is the write-up from last week:

The Falcons returned to the field and they looked great. It’s becoming clear they have depth at their offensive skill positions and their system works as well as long as they have their top offensive linemen on the field, which was on display this past weekend. They have a young and inexperienced defense but are gaining valuable reps for the future.

9) Colorado State

Didn’t play this week due to Covid, but here is the write-up from two weeks ago:

The Rams could not have looked worse against Boise State following their first win of the season. They looked made special teams error after special teams error, and failed to establish the running game on offense despite their opponent being weak in the middle of the defense. Their passing game will keep allow them to put up points, but there isn’t much else to point to on this team at this point.

10) Utah State

The Aggies got their first win of the season. Sure it was over New Mexico, but a win is a win. In a battle of winless teams, Utah State distanced themselves from the two remaining winless teams. Even better, Andrew Peasley had a great game and may give the Aggies a bright spot at the QB position for the future.

11) New Mexico

The Lobos looked pretty lost against Utah State. It’s safe to say they have hit a wall this season and things won’t get easier the rest of the way with Wyoming and Fresno State to close out the year. The Utah State game may have been their best chance to get a win this year. However, they can still end the year strong with regrouping and playing competitive games.

12) UNLV

Things continue to look bleak for the Rebels this year. They keep losing, can’t figure out their quarterback situation, and are down a great deal of players due to Covid. Their game against Boise State may be in doubt (due to both teams being short) but playing the game won’t help them find a win. They could catch Hawaii on a down game in the finale but if not, there is not a bright spot left for UNLV in year one of the new coaching regime.