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Mountaintop View 11-19-20

Daily Mountaintop: cancellation edition. Oh, and NBA stuff.

NCAA Football: Wyoming at Colorado State The Coloradoan -USA TODAY NETWORK

Utah State cancels football game against Wyoming after Aggies see COVID-19 surge

Are we having fun yet? Ugh. Wyoming-Utah State was the first cancellation from Wednesday, the Aggies holding out hope until the last minute before cancelling Thursday’s contest. Wyoming has now missed two football games due to cancellation, despite not being the COVID culprit in either game.

Colorado State’s game against UNLV will not be played Saturday due to positive COVID-19 tests

This game is canceled? Or postponed? The conference has not outright canceled the game, apparently there is a chance to make up the game in December. This is not fun.

Despite positive COVID-19 cases at Boise State, Hawaii moves forward with game preparation

No, we’re not done. There is still potential for another cancellation this weekend. Boise State’s positive COVID cases have been escalating this week, and it’s possible this game could also be cancelled. We’ll likely know more sometime Thursday or Friday.

Flynn is Toronto bound!

Jessup lands with Golden State

Jalen Harris follows Malachi Flynn to Toronto

Better late than never for Sam Merrill

Connelly’s weekly ATS picks

Wyoming working hard to find a replacement?

Hawaii and Stanford agree to a home-and-home

On The Horizon:

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