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MWC Coaching Carousel Tracker 2020-2021

Check here for the latest news/rumors in regards to Mountain West football coaches.

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This article is dedicated to updating the latest happenings in regards to the coaching carousel in the MWC.

So be sure to check here daily for the latest news.

Vacant Positions:

Colorado State: Recruiting Coordinator

Fresno State: Direct of Player Personnel

Nevada: CBs


  • 4-14: Fresno State Director of Player Personnel Courtney Morgan will run the recruiting department for Michigan.
  • 4-8: UNLV hired Clay Jennings as their DB coach.
  • 3-24: Nevada hired Chad Savage as their TE coach. Timmy Chang is expected to move from TE to WR.
  • 3-10: Hawaii announced A’lique Terry as their offensive line coach.
  • 3-8: San Jose State announced the hiring of Eric Scott as wide receivers and passing game coordinator, and Rob Christoff as the outside linebackers coach.
  • 3-6: Hawaii announced a plethora of coaching moves. They promoted Trent Figg to Associate Head Coach and Bo Graham to OC/TE. Marcus Davis was announced as WR coach.
  • 3-5: Colorado State is reportedly hiring Andrew Liacopoulos as the director of player personnel.
  • 3-4: According to Football Scoop, Cal is set to hire UNLV CB coach Tre Watson for their position.
  • 3-3: UNLV promoted analyst Nate Longshore as its TE coach and hired Oregon GA Jonathan Krause as WR coach.
  • 3-3: Hawaii is hiring FSU grad assistant Marcus Davis as the WR coach.
  • 3-1: San Diego State hired Mike Goff as its OL coach.
  • 2-22: According to Football Scoop, UNLV is expected to hire Oregon offensive graduate assistant Jonathan Krause as their new receivers coach.
  • 2-21: According to reports, UCF will hire Hawaii OC GJ Kinne for its offensive staff.
  • 2-20: SJSU OC Kevin McGiven will add on the duties of QB coach.
  • 2-20: SJSU is hiring Nevada WR coach Eric Scott to be its WR coach.
  • 2-19: SJSU QB/passing game coordinator coach Ryan Gunderson has left to become the QB coach at UCLA
  • 2-19: Nevada CB coach Freddie Banks has left to become the DC at Montana State
  • 2-18: Wyoming promoted Mike Grant to the passing-game coordinator.
  • 2-16: Colorado State Director of Recruiting Jessica Stinger left for a similar position at Tennessee.
  • 2-15: Hawaii WR coach Brennan Marion is leaving to become the WR coach at Pitt.
  • 2-10: Wyoming hired Derek Frazier as their OL coach.
  • 2-9: Multiple reports confirm that Iowa OL coach Tim Polasek will join the Wyoming staff as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.
  • 2-9: Utah State hired Ray Brown as their CB coach.
  • 2-8: Wyoming OC Brent Vigen left to become the Montana State head football coach.
  • 2-5: Hawaii’s Recruiting Coordinator Josh Omura left for the same position at Washington State
  • 2-4: Wyoming OC Brent Vigen was named a candidate for the Montana State HC position.
  • 2-3: This report says Vanderbilt is expected to hire Wyoming OL coach AJ Blazek. He was hired a month ago.
  • 2-2: Boise State hired Kiyoshi Harris as the Director of Player Personnel and Coordinator of Recruiting Relations. They also hired Eli Madel as the Director of Recruiting.
  • 2-2: Colorado State hired Alex Bailey as their WR coach.
  • 1-28: FootballScoop is reporting that Boise State will hire Independence Community College (from Last Chance U) head coach Kiyoshi Harris for the role of Player Personnel Director
  • 1-27: Per FootballScoop, Addazio is planning to hire Wisconsin assistant Jon Budmayr for his OC opening.
  • 1-25: Boise State officially hired Kane Ione as the safeties coach and co-DC.
  • 1-23: Vanderbilt is reportedly expected to hire Colorado State OC Joey Lynch to be the QB coach and pass game coordinator.
  • 1-23: New Mexico QB coach Jordan Salkin is reportedly leaving for a job with the Miami Dolphins
  • 1-22: Rachel Harris was named Recruiting Coordinator for Utah State.
  • 1-22: It is being reported that Montana State DC Kane Ioane is a strong candidate to join the Boise State staff, depending on if he would be interested in the HC job if Jeff Choate leaves.
  • 1-22: Boise State hired Tim Keane as their OL coach.
  • 1-21: Kent Riddle will remain with Boise State as the TE coach.
  • 1-20: Air Force announced that Tim Horton as the running back coach.
  • 1-20: Boise State announced the hiring of Stacy Collings of the OLB/Special Teams coach. They also announced Jeron Johnson as CB coach.
  • 1-16: Boise State is retaining Matt Miller as its WR coach.
  • 1:15: Utah State hired Micah James as OL coach.
  • 1-15: Winston Venerable will be retained as RB coach by Boise State
  • 1-15: Utah State hired Paul Jackson as its strength coach and officially announced Anthony Tucker OC/QB coach.
  • 1-14: There is a rumor that Urban Meyer could bring CSU HC Steve Addazio with him to Jacksonville
  • 1-14: Boise State hired Da’Vell Winters (chief of staff), Lucas White (assistant S&C coach), and Brandon Pietrzyk (assistant S&C coach)
  • 1-13: Boise State hired Frank Maile as the assistant head coach and DL coach, as well as Reid Kagy as their strength coach.
  • 1-10: Reports indicate that UC OC/QB coach Tim Plough will take the same position at Boise State.
  • 1-10: Longtime Air Force RB coach Ben Miller will coach TEs at Illinois, according to reports.
  • 1-10: Coach Avalos confirms Spencer Danielson is staying at Boise State.
  • 1-10: It is being reported that Coach Avalos is bringing Da’vell Winters (Likely Director of Player Personnel) and Kharyee Marshall (Likely DL coach) are joining the Boise State staff.
  • 1-8: This report says Eric Kiesau could stay as OC. It is also widely believed Spencer Danielson will be named DC.
  • 1-8: Andy Avalos was named the Boise State head coach.
  • 1-7: It is being reported that BSU DC Jeff Schmedding will be taking a position at Auburn.
  • 1-6: It is being reported that Jeff Choate is emerging as the top target for the Boise State coaching gig.
  • 1-5: Boise State DL coach and interim HC Spencer Danielson is reportedly expected to join Harsin at Auburn.
  • 1-5: Utah State announced Ephraim Banda as the DC and safeties coach.
  • 1-4: Per this report, Andy Avalos, Jeff Choate, and Graham Harrell are interviewing tomorrow for the Boise State job. This report says Brian Johnson will also interview.
  • 1-4: Arkansas is expected to hire Kenny Guiton from Colorado State.
  • 1-4: Kevin Cummings (SJSU WR) and Jordan Paopao (UNLV TE) coach will join the Arizona coaching staff.
  • 1-4: AJ Blazek will be the new Wyoming OL coach.
  • 1-4: Al Lapuaho was announced as the Utah State Defensive Line coach. And DJ Tialavea will be the TEs coach.
  • 1-4: It is reported that DeMarcus Van Dyke expected to be CB coach at Utah State
  • 1-4: BSU LB coach Zak Alley is reported to become the DC at ULM.
  • 1-3: Utah State hired Ephraim Banda as their defensive coordinator, Mike Zuckerman as their ILB, and Alex Devine in some capacity.
  • 1-2: BJ Rains reported Kellen Moore has removed himself as a candidate to be Boise State’s head coach.
  • 12-29: Utah State is hiring UMass OL coach Micah James. Also, Illinois is hiring Wyoming OL coach Bart Miller for the same position.
  • 12-28: An Oregon media member has reported neither Andy Avalos nor Kellen Moore have officially interviewed for the Boise State job. They also confirm the report that the AD search is being prioritized over the HC search at this time.
  • 12-26: It appears some Utah State coaching hires have taken place, even though none were announced by their official account. Kyle Cefaio is the WR coach/passing-game coordinator, Chuckie Keeton is the RB coach, Nick Paremski is the special teams coordinator and OLB coach.
  • 12-26: It is being reported that Dallas Cowboys OC Kellen Moore is being targetted for the Boise State job. A separate report confirmed he interviewed for the job.
  • 12-24: It is reported that Oregon DC Andy Avalos is interviewing for the Boise State job.
  • 12-23: It is reported that Montana State HC Jeff Choate is interviewing for the Boise State job.
  • 12-23: Boise State co-DC/DL coach Spencer Danielson has been named interim coach.
  • 12-23: Arizona hired Jedd Fisch, meaning Brent Brennan will stay at San Jose State. Brennan got a contract extension from the Spartans.
  • 12-22: Bryan Harsin is expected to become Aurburn’s next football coach. It became official a few hours later.
  • 12-20: The Arizona 247 site reporter is reporting Bryan Harsin and Brent Brennan are interviewing for Arizona head coaching job. Later they reported Brennan’s name was picking up steam.
  • 12-17: Ephraim Banda of Miami is rumored to become the Utah State defensive coordinator, according to FootballScoop.
  • 12-12: Reportedly, Blake Anderson is hiring UCF co-offensive coordinator Anthony Tucker as his OC.
  • 12-10: Blake Anderson has emerged as a strong candidate for the Utah State HC job.
  • 12-7: Here is a list of confirmed people who interviewed for the Utah State opening.
  • 12-7: Hawaii OC G.J. Kline is listed a potential candidate for the head coaching job at ULM.
  • Utah State has fired coach Gary Andersen.

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