Life with out Boise State!

You know what Boise State, You can take you prima donna BS and hit the road! You will never be as successful as you are with out the conference. Your academics suck and you do not have the funding to make it on your own as an independent, period! None of the P5 conferences want you, you only think they do. Take you special TV deal and bugger off!

Look folks, Boise State is easily replaced by adding a few new schools. Move Utah State to the West and pick up Montana, and Montana State from the Big Sky Conference, and then bring on North Dakota State as a football only to balance out Hawaii. Montana is one of the most successful Big Sky programs, Mo State is not far behind, and everyone knows the powerhouse that NDSU is. Their facilities are all big enough to meet the minimum attendance requirement for FBS, and all three teams play to packed houses week after week. We would be back up competing with the AAC for top G5 conference in just a few short years.

Mtn, Div

Air Force

Colorado St.


Montana St.


New Mexico


West Div

Fresno St.






Utah St.