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Join the team!

Interested in writing for us? Let us know.

NCAA Football: Hawaii Bowl-Hawaii at Middle Tennessee Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

Here at MWCConnection, we are committed to bringing the best Mountain West coverage we possibly can. Life happens though, and writers come and writers go. We are in need of help covering some of your favorite teams and other areas of the conference for basketball season and beyond. Thus, we are looking for more writers to join our team.

Why write for us?

First and foremost, your writing appears on a platform viewed by many every day. It’s a great resume builder for students or aspiring writers and allows you to practice your craft while discussing your favorite teams.

Some of our past writers have gone on to or already were writing for local newspapers or other sports websites. The exposure the site lends is beneficial to all who post here. ?????

Where do we need help?

There can always be more coverage for your favorite teams, whether it’s football or basketball or just general team coverage. However, conference coverage can go beyond writing about the teams. Currently we are looking for help with:

  • Our daily Mountaintop View articles. Want to get into writing but don’t have a ton of experience or your writing skills aren’t quite developed yet? This is a great way to enter into the world of writing with low pressure.
  • Our weekly Peak Perspective posts. The place for anything team specific or general MWC/college football topics. This is great for someone who can write about subjects in-depth, but doesn’t have time to commit to writing every week. If you can contribute once every month or so, this would be a great way to get your thoughts and ideas out into the world
  • General basketball, baseball, or other conference sports. Do you have specific knowledge or vetted interest in one of these sports? Help others follow along as you follow along by giving some general coverage to these sports.
  • Recruiting. Enjoy learning about the new players committing to your team? Help us track offers, visits, and verbal commitments throughout the year. Also, we are trying to expand into basketball recruiting as well.
  • Game breakdowns and analysis. Do you have a basic understanding of how to breakdown game film and highlights? Consider adding your talents to our weekly coverage of football and/or basketball games.
  • NFL draft prospects. The MWC sends a number of football and basketball players every year to their respective drafts. Consider providing analysis and evaluations on each player leading up to the draft.
  • Fun/Humor posts. Do you enjoy writing satire, humor or plain ridiculous posts? Carve out your own corner of the site with some lighter writing about the MWC.

If you have an idea for a need or idea that we either don’t currently cover, or could cover in greater detail, feel free to contact us about that as well. Want to cover a team or contribute, but we already have a writer? Contact us anyway and maybe we can find a role for you.

Who should apply?

Anyone! Preferably those with some previous writing experience. As long as you can prove yourself as a solid wordsmith and are passionate about a team or the Mountain West in general, you’d be a good fit for our site. Bonus points if:

  • are a good writer (duh).
  • have an honest desire to contribute with regularity.
  • understand how to use and utilize social media.
  • already likes us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

As far as requirements, we are looking for those who can write at least 1-2 times per week, although anyone can certainly write more than that.


First, you need to be a part of the MWCConnection community. Once you have an SBN account, go try and comment on one of our articles. If you have to click a check box, then do so, but if you already did that once upon a time, then you’re in the clear.

How to apply?

If this sounds like a good fit for you, please send an email to both explaining a bit about yourself, what interest or ideas you think you could bring to the table, as well as a writing sample (preferably sports writing).

We are looking to get new writers up and running over the next few weeks as there will be quite a bit of projects going on come winter with post-football season, basketball season, recruiting, NFL draft prospects, and coaching rumors.