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East-West Shrine Game Stock Report

How did the Mountain West players do?

NCAA Football: East-West Shrine Game Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Following the game, let’s look at how each player changed their stock. Keep in mind information can be hard to come by for players, depending on their performance or their position. If anyone else can find info, please post in the comments.

WR John Hightower (Boise State)

  • Twitter Buzz
  • Synopsis: Hightower got his named mentioned quite a few times during practices, and then showed up modestly in the game with two receptions for 24 yards. He reportedly had trouble with catches. On the other hand, he had a pretty good return on a kickoff. On the other other hand, he fumbled twice (but neither were lost).
  • Stock Report: EVEN

LB Mykal Walker (Fresno State)

  • Twitter Buzz:
  • Synopsis: Walker turned a few heads during practices and seemed to make scouts take notice of his scheme versatility. He didn’t do much in the stat column during the game, making just one assisted tackle.
  • Stock Report: UP

TE Park Houston (San Diego State)

  • Twitter Buzz:
  • Synopsis: Houston only tallied two catches for 17 yards in the game, but he made them count with one being a really nice touchdown. He opened some eyes during practices as well and his combo of blocking and redzone target make him the type of player NFL teams are looking for.
  • Stock Report: Way UP

OL Daishawn Dixon (San Diego State)

  • Twitter Buzz:
  • Synopsis: Dixon got consistent mentions and shoutouts in practice. He went up against some more hyped players and held his own. Although he didn’t shine, it sounds like scouts took note and liked what they saw.
  • Stock Report: UP

LB Kyahva Tezino (San Diego State)

  • Twitter Buzz: No info found.
  • Synopsis: Tezino had two tackles in the game which is pretty good considering how many players sub in and out. But it does not sound like he did enough to stand out.
  • Stock Report: DOWN

DB Luq Barcoo (San Diego State)

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  • Synopsis: Barcoo was reported to struggle and be a step or two slower than many expected during 1-on-1s. He great season at SDSU still may carry him a bit, but he has a lot of work to do.
  • Stock Report: DOWN

K Dominik Eberle (Utah State)

  • Twitter Buzz:
  • Synopsis: Kickers need to make kicks and Eberle did that. It’s an uphill battle for kickers, but he did all he could.
  • Stock Report: UP

K Cooper Rothe (Wyoming)

  • Synopsis: Rothe had a good outing making all of his kicks during the game. That included converting all, four of his extra-point attempts as well as a 26 yard field goal for the East.
  • Stock Report: UP