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MWC Recruiting Roundup 1-13-20

LOTS of offers.

NCAA Football: UNLV at Nevada David Calvert-USA TODAY Sports

The dead period will be ending towards the end of this week, and looking at the offers going around, coaches are getting ready for the final push before February. Not too many commitments, but that should change this weekend when official visits can resume. It was especially nice to see New Mexico getting out and offering some high school players. That should be a good sign of things to come in the Gonzales era. No school was more active than UNLV, as the Rebels put out 15 new offers this week. They find their way on to the banner.

2019 Cover Photo Total:

  • San Jose State: 7
  • Air Force: 6
  • Wyoming: 6
  • UNLV: 6
  • Colorado State: 5
  • Nevada: 4
  • Boise State: 3
  • Utah State: 2
  • Fresno State: 2
  • Hawaii: 2
  • New Mexico: 1
  • San Diego State 1

Recruiting Calendar:

Starting last week, and until mid-January, we are in a Dead Period. This is the most restrictive time of year in recruiting. Communication is minimal and no face-to-face contact is permitted.

New offers to recruits can still go out during this time and recruits can commit or decommit from schools. Once a week phone calls are still permissible, as are unlimited texts, twitter DMs and other forms of electronic communication are allowed, as long as they remain private. Also, if a recruit has already signed, then there are no restrictions.

Air Force Commit Tracker:

Since the Air Force Academy routinely has near 100 commits each year, let’s start tracking the number and see how it rises between now and February.

  • The Falcons are at 63 known commits.

Recruiting Updates:


  • QB Daylin McLemore was offered by Colorado State
  • JUCO LB Danthony Jones was offered by Hawaii
  • DB Jayden Goodwin was offered by New Mexico
  • WR Elijah Queen was offered by New Mexico
  • WR Bobby Wooden was offered by New Mexico
  • QB Zion Childress was offered by New Mexico
  • WR Larenzo McMillian was offered by New Mexico
  • TE Connor Witthoft was offered by New Mexico
  • DB Alphonsarelli Oywak was offered by UNLV
  • TE Collin Sutherland was offered by UNLV
  • DB Edric Whitley was offered by UNLV
  • OL Tiger Shanks was offered by UNLV
  • OL Jakaiah Leftwich was offered by UNLV
  • WR Zyell Griffin was offered by UNLV
  • DB Tyson Player was offered by UNLV
  • WR Kobe Stewert was offered by UNLV
  • DE Trey Sofia was offered by UNLV
  • OL/DL Daniel Caloca was offered by UNLV
  • DB Tavian Combs was offered by UNLV
  • JUCO DB Malik Putney was offered by UNLV
  • JUCO LB Prince Lollar Jr was offered by UNLV
  • JUCO LB Kue Olotoa was offered by UNLV
  • 2021 CB Steven Ortiz Jr was offered by UNLV
  • LB Connor Shay was offered by Wyoming


  • ATH Robert Glanton committed to Air Force
  • RB Jalen Johnson committed to Air Force
  • JUCO TE Rory Hanson committed to Fresno State
  • OL Justice Ena committed to Utah State

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