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Peak Perspective: The MWCConnection 2019 Year in Review

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane.

Happy New Year’s everyone! Thanks for following along with us the past year as we strive to bring you the best coverage of the Mountain West we possibly can. For the second year in a row, we take the first day of the year to revisit some of our more memorable posts from the previous year. Some of these are on here because they were some of our most viewed posts this year. Some are on here because they were very original or well thought out posts. And some were on here just because they were fun or interesting ideas.

The Legacy of Brett Rypien

One of the first posts of the year reviewed the career of the outgoing MWC OPOY.

Debut of the Stats Corner

It had been a goal of our team to provide from coverage from more of a statistical perspective and Toby has been doing a great job.

The MWC All-Recruit Team.

One of our most popular posts each year, we give a unique analysis of MWC recruiting by putting together three all-recruit teams.

Greatest Group of 5 Recruiting Class.

Speaking of recruiting, Boise State secured perhaps the greatest Group of 5 recruiting class ever. We broke it down here.

Evaluating MWC Coaches.

We looked at three criteria: coaching, recruiting, and longevity to analyze the 12 MWC head coaches.

Debut of Blast from the Bronco Past.

Zach scored tons of interviews with former Boise State players to guide readers from spring into summer. This was the first one.

Nevada’s record run.

The Wolf Pack MBB team had unreal success last season and it was recapped here.

Each Year of a New Head Coach.

A fun little off-season exercise, generalizing the expectations and reality of head coaches in their first few years at a school.

Team returning production

We kicked off our roundtable in April and this was a fun one, looking at S&P+ returning production. How did each team fair in 2019?

Who will start at QB for Boise State?

In total views, this post may have topped them all for 2019. Posting in April, it could still get a good amount throughout the summer and during Fall Camp.

Pivotal year for SJSU

Safe to say mission accomplished here.

The Question Mark of College Baseball

A look at why college baseball is often overlooked by college sports fans (at least compared to football and basketball)

Player-Run Posts

This didn’t really take off as much as we would’ve liked, but it was still cool to hear from former players about their college experience.

The New Old Coach

Gary Andersen came back into the Mountain West this year and we profiled him here.

Redshirt Review

Looked at how the redshirt rule fared for some MWC players. There were mixed results.

Looking at San Jose State Recruiting.

An interview with Coach Carter and a closer look into how recruiting works at SJSU.

MWC has a Rivalry Problem.

This piece examined the rivalries in the MWC; which ones were great and which were lacking.

UNLV and Coach Sanchez.

It wasn’t necessarily an enjoyable article, but one that needed to be written. A look at the tenure of Tony Sanchez and if the program has peaked under him.

Kickoff Week

We expanded our “Kickoff Week” coverage this year, unveiling a new post every day listing team votes. This one was our top 10 players list.

Debut of lighter type of Saturday posts.

This year also some fun posts on Saturdays. Whether it was fake news, football letters, meaningless rankings, or comparing MWC teams to ridiculous things (like types of beer in this post).

Debut of Film Study

We added some cool content to our game week coverage this year as Steve analyzed some games through the use of film clips. His full-time jobs didn’t allow for this to happen every week, but they were great when they did.

Interview with the Associate Commish.

Andy Seeley was accommodating enough to talk to us at the start of football season.

Interview with Equipment Manager.

We also took to the locker room and learned more about the career of JD Jordan.

How to Compete in the Mountain West.

A dive into how recruiting plays a vital role in successful teams in the MWC.

College Football’s QB Conundrum.

An exploration of the trend of quarterbacks transferring and some potential solutions.

MWCConnection 2019 All-MWC Team.

In one of our most popular (and most criticized) posts of the year, we looked at the best players at each position this season.

MWC Suspends Officials.

One of the more rare storylines of the season and actually one of the best articles on the site this season.

MWC Coaching Vacancies.

The MWC actually had three coaching changes this season, much more than the one from last year. This post examined what each program lost, what they hoped to gain, and brainstormed replacements.

Hope you enjoyed our content from 2019. Get ready for more in 2020!