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Grading SDSU’s 23 - 14 win over UCLA

NCAA Football: San Diego State at UCLA Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday Aztec fans and welcome to the land of 2-0, where dreams become reality and everything is rainbows and happiness. On Saturday SDSU won 23-14 in come from behind fashion at UCLA and darn near everything looked better this week on both sides of the ball. So let’s take a look at the report card for the week two win.


Quarterback (A-) Almost 300 yards, a TD throw and no interceptions is a great day at the office for Ryan Agnew. The biggest takeaway needs to be the 34 yard touchdown throw to Kobe Smith, Agnew used his mobility to escape the pocket and buy time for a receiver to get open, made a pointing motion downfield and dialed up the score. This stuck me as patience, improv and skill all on display at one clutch moment. It seems like the past few season this play would have gone any other way than it did on Saturday, so please get excited for what Agnew can accomplish this season.

Running Back (B-) Deep breaths, this is going to be a season long adjustment to the reality that we don’t have one of the elite running back set ups in the nation, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a good run game. Juwan Washington only getting two yards per carry looks a little cramped and underwhelming but Jordan Byrd and Chase Jasmin are the great change of pace needed to keep things moving. Don’t get concerned unless this becomes a multi week spell of sub 100 yard games.

Wide Receivers (A) Whoever convinced Rocky Long to recruit more for the passing game and let the offense open it up, bless you sir. The Aztecs have speed, depth, skill and size. Seven different receivers made catches on Saturday, with Kobe Smith leading the charge at seven catches for 131 yards. This was a huge test for the passing game and the result should leave Aztec fans excited.

Offensive Line (B+) So the run blocking has room for improvement but I hesitate to dampen the mood by adding too much negativity.


Defensive Line (B+) The pressure was improved from week 1 and it even generated a turnover on UCLA’s first drive of the second half. UCLA was held to under 200 yards passing and under 100 rushing so an overall positive outing. Myles Cheatum came up with the first sack of the season for the D-line.

Linebackers (A) Kyahva Tezino and Taylor Hawkins were busy all day going to work stopping the UCLA offense. The pressure was improved from week 1, the coverage was imposed, all around the linebackers made a solid jump up this week.

Secondary (B+) One of UCLA’s touchdowns came on a pass heavy drive where the Burins were wide open deep in the second several times. If you watch the film it looks like UCLA was heavily targeting certain players in the secondary so still a successful overall day for the squad. I would trust that the Aztec coaching staff has the ability to get things shored up and good to go moving forward.

Special Teams (A) Matt Araiza continues to be a reliable kicker who delivers when the team needs to convert and get on the board.

This Saturday SDSU continues their road warrior ways at New Mexico State, now 0-2, kickoff is at 5 PM.