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Mountaintop View 9-9-19

The MWC keeps on winning and you can read all about it in today’s links.

NCAA Football: San Diego State at UCLA Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to Monday everyone! The MWC went 6-4 this week and while some games brought some teams back down to earth, others were a nice rebound from the week before. Take a look at some of the moments from this weekend.

Aztecs offense shows up, takes care of UCLA.

After only scoring 6 points against Weber State, one could say there was a big explosion this week against the Bruins. They came into the Rose Bowl and took care of business. Sure, UCLA isn’t some big powerhouse these days, but it’s still a win over a PAC-12 team and it definitely wasn’t a given considering how the offense couldn’t score any points last week. Sounds like the team realized the significance of their win as well.

What is with the Boise State defense?

It seems like a case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In their two games, the Boise State defense has looked normal or even awful, followed by back to back shut outs in the second halves. In fact, they gave up a total of 0 yards in the second half of the Marshall game. In case you were wondering, that’s really good. Even better than the 68 second half yards they let up against Florida State. Maybe they should make the adjustments at the start of the game.

Cowboys rides to 2-0 following the weekend win.

It wasn’t pretty every step of the way, but Wyoming came from behind and prevailed once again. Tyler Hall had a pick-6 to highlight a second half shutout (noticing a trend for MWC teams?) and the Cowboys never looked back. Though they struggled to move the ball early on, they pressed on and figured out a way to win.

Hawaii moves to 2-0, first place in PAC-12 standings.

Except they don’t play in the PAC-12. Apparently, some of the PAC-12 teams aren’t playing in the PAC-12 either. The Rainbow Warriors have now taken down Arizona and Oregon State. The offense didn’t put up the points many expected of them, especially after their first game, but it was enough to take down the Beavers. They won on a FG of all things.

Boise State ranked in both polls.

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