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Fake News: Interview with Victor E. Bulldog III

We take Victor E out for a walk and ask some questions.

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Fresno State Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

In today’s post, we sit down with one of the goodest boys out there, Mr. Victor E Bulldog III, the prestigious mascot at Fresno State. Per his request, the interview took place while walking rather than the traditional sit down style. It was a real treat!

Note: Scooby-Doo, the infamous detective, was called in as a translator for this interview.

MWCConnection: So how did you come into this position?

Bulldog III: It was my calling, like my father before me. And his father before him. It’s the family business. I was groomed (pun intended) for this from a young age. First was obedience school. Then I had to complete my bachelor’s degree in exercise. Technically it was exercise science but I focused on the first part. I was a GA for a year before getting the full-time spot.

MWCConnection: What is your favorite part of the job?

Bulldog III: Running with the team. Getting rubs from players after wins and jumping around after touchdowns. It’s a great life and I know I’m there to raise everyone’s spirits by being there!

MWCConnection: Training camp is a big part of getting ready for the season for players. What do you do during training camp?

Bulldog III: Good question! I spend time doing it all. Eating. Running. Fetching. Barking. Drinking water. I try to grab the footballs when players aren’t using them. I study my playbook or when to do what depending on how the game is going. It’s not an easy job being the mascot.

MWCConnection: How do you think you bring an impact to this team?

Bulldog III: I take a lot of pride in what I do. I know that every bark, every time I lick a player’s hand or offer I’m support by looking at a player, it’s making a huge difference. I focus all my attention into whatever I’m doing in that moment, which changes each moment because I love it all!

MWCConnection: Now I’ve heard you’ve been slowed by an injury, how is the rehab coming along and when do we expect you back on the field?

Bulldog III: It’s been very hard. Missing the opener for the first time in years and rehab is never easy. I haven’t’ been able to run or jump like I’m used to. I gained some weight and have had to work it back off. It’s making my other legs strong though. I’m hoping my return sparks the other Bulldogs to get back to their winning ways like the past two years. It’s been a ruff start but they’ll get back on track!