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Blue house of Horrors

The Falcons continue their woes playing in Boise on the blue turf

Boise Flies past Air Force

For the first time this season the Air Force Falcons will wake up having notched a tally in the right column of the schedule after a hard fought battle that turned into a blowout late to the Broncos of Boise State. The final score read 30-19 however, only 4 points separated the two Mountain West teams going into the final 15 minutes of the game and the Falcons continued to battle all the way to the final whistle.

Defense was the name of the game in the first quarter as both teams struggled back and forth trying to break through the punting battle that Joel Velasquez and Charlie Scott were entrenched in. This was a welcome site as it confirms what many predicted about the Falcons going into the season that a rejuvenated and older defense will be able to hold the team in games against big time opponents. The scoreless tie was broken five seconds into the second frame as DJ Hammond III scored from 8 yards out to put the Falcons up 7-0 in Boise. The Broncos flexed their muscles a bit on the following possession as CT Thomas hauled in a 36 yard strike from quarterback Hank Bachmeier to push the score back even tied at 7 a piece. Boise would score again this time on a 40 yard field goal from Eric Sachse giving Boise its first lead of the game at 10-7, the lead would be short lived though as Jake Koehnke put his own field goal in from 30 yards out sending us to halftime with the score tied once again at 10.

The third quarter was much of the same defensive battle until midway through when Koehnke would score a 31 yard field goal giving the Falcons then a 13-10 lead, but once again that score wouldn’t last. Boise would get the ball back after Koehnke’s kick and drive the length of the field for nearly 6 minutes finishing the drive with a 28 yard touchdown catch by John Bates from Bachmeier putting the Broncos back on top 17-13 to finish the third quarter.

After a tough battle for 3 quarters Air Force found themselves on the wrong end of a ground and pound attack as Boise’s Robert Mahone would score a pair of 10 yard touchdown runs pulling the score to a lopsided 30-13 margin leaving just enough time for the Falcons to come back and score on a 31 yard pass from Hammond to Geraud Sanders but as a final power play the Broncos forced a miss on the final point after attempt to leave the home fans happy with a 30-19 win to open up conference play.

Though the loss is disappointing for the formerly undefeated Falcons especially to lose the conference opener there are however, some good things to take away from the tough loss. The most glaring would be that against one of the most talented and powerful teams in the conference Air Force was in the game for basically 3 and a half quarters of football and that was on the road. The defense stepped up big time to make points a premium early for the Broncos. The bad I would say is the lack of offensive explosion that had been present against the first two opponents this year. Hammond is showing how he has matured into his role as quarterback continuing to score with his legs and his arm I just don’t like how the offense disappeared in critical points of the game just as they had the week before in Boulder.

The Falcons will continue conference play next Friday at home against the Spartans of San Jose State who will be coming off a huge win over Arkansas of the SEC conference adding to the Mountain West’s win total over power five opponents this season. As the season rolls on the games become tougher and tougher so hopefully the Falcons continue to improve. Look for my preview of this Friday’s game coming on Thursday morning.