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Power Rankings: Week 4

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Where does your fav team rank?

NCAA Football: Air Force at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

This week brought a few in-conference matchups. That, plus a few other games helped to give some separation between a few teams in this week’s rankings.

1. Boise State

  • They are the only undefeated team left in the mighty gauntlet that is the MWC. In case people weren’t aware, wins are a good thing in college football. Their prognosis for staying here next week looks good, unless they struggle with BYE, who is usually a gimmie.

2. Utah State

  • The Aggies were so close to being 4-0 as well, but nonetheless look strong. They left sized up well over the weekend, coming up with a conference win over SDSU. Though they have no P5 wins, so should they even be allowed to stay in the MWC? Perhaps for now.

3. Air Force

  • The Falcons were flying high coming into Boise after beating Colorado. They played extremely well but came up short against the Broncos. Still, they have some wins, which is a good thing and not too many losses, which is also a good thing. The game against Utah State next month should be a great one.

4. Hawaii

  • The MWC West looks like quite the tossup at this point, with the Warriors find themselves tied for the best record of teams playing in that division. Ironically, they have no MWC West wins, but are technically still tied for the lead for PAC-12 wins with 2. They may be at or near the top of the lowly PAC-12 rankings but here in the mighty MWC, it’s a bit tougher.

5. San Diego State

  • Like Hawaii, they sit at 3-1. Unlike Hawaii, they already have a MWC loss. Their offense looked better each game, that is until Saturday against Utah State. The Aggies have some solid defenders who had great games, but shouldn’t be confused with an elite defense. Struggling to score makes it hard to get wins, which is the goal of playing games. However, their defense can play with anyone.

6. Wyoming

  • Quick recap of Wyoming’s season: Beating Missouri (who is now receiving some top 25 votes) = good. Barely beating Idaho = not so good. Losing to Tulsa = bad. Their defense will keep them in games but their offense needs to take a step or two forward to be any higher.

7. Colorado State (offense)

  • Before everyone screams in disgust, only talking about the offense here, which has been quite good. They amassed nearly 700 yards last game (694 to be exact) and for the year they are scoring 34.5 points per game. Unfortunately for them, football has that rule where teams have to play defense as well and stop the other teams from scoring.

8. Nevada

  • The Wolf Pack took care of business this past week against UTEP. It wasn’t the bounce back from a close win against an FCS team the week before, but it was a win. It can be assumed Nevada is trying to win and has been successful three out of four times in this young season. The issue is, they’ve only looked great in their upset win in the opener. Nevada could still be a bowl team but will need to show more in conference play.

9. Fresno State

  • Fresno State finally got their first win of the year, the last team in the conference to do so. The problem with this win though is it was a bit too close for comfort against FCS Sacramento State before they pulled away late. Are the Hornets a pretty good team? Yes. Is Fresno State a pretty good team? Through three games, it’s still unknown. While they will likely be higher than this in the coming weeks, it is officially time to be concerned about the Bulldogs.

10. San Jose State

  • The Spartans have played three games. In that stretch they have already matched their win total for 2017 and doubled their win total from 2018. Those are good things! While they may not reach the six-win bowl mark, they should get one or two more before season’s end. If we are looking at teams at the bottom of the MWC, the Spartans appear to be leading that group.

11. New Mexico

  • The Lobos are checking off a few boxes so far this year. Beat an FCS team? Check. Show up and play in the game against a ranked Notre Dame team? Check. Beat their in-state rival? Check. The interesting thing is, their next three games are winnable and will really reveal what kind of team New Mexico is. Lose any of them and no sense worrying about the Lobos. Win all 3 and it’s worth keeping an eye on them anyway.

12. UNLV

  • They went up against BYE this week, and came away unscathed. Hopefully they were able to catch their breath. Next week they play Wyoming, then Boise State, both of whow you may remember from earlier in these rankings.

13. Colorado State (defense)

  • The Ram defense is really really bad. Like giving up 436 rushing yards last game bad. Not total yards, that number was 547, but like they let Toledo run the ball for 436 yards in one single game.

Agree? Disagree? so where in between? Drop a comment or two.